You are already working or you're seeking seasonal work until you can find full-time work. Where do you start and what should you do? Well, we here at Building Team Solutions put together our top three tips for finding seasonal work.

1. What are you doing staring at the computer? People are already employed for seasonal work. But, there is still time! Don't let Thanksgiving week be an excuse for not applying for seasonal jobs. Instead, apply in person and right away. You could apply for a job in retail tomorrow morning and possibly start tomorrow night. The jobs are STILL out there, but not for long.

2. Don't just think retail. USPS, Fed-EX and local delivery services need people to help distribute gifts. Coffee shops also need extra help during the holiday season.

3. Admit you don't want long-term work. Seasonal employers have to deal with turning down candidates who want seasonal work to lead to long-term employment. State upfront that you have no plans of staying past the holiday season. This will put you in favor with the hiring manager.

Still need help? Call us. We are happy to help you find seasonal, part-time, full-time, contract and other types of work!