We help employees and employers connect. It doesn't matter if you have a background in administration or are a construction worker. We will help you find work. Our team is consistently seeking information on what careers are hot and what jobs are on the decline. Well, the following five jobs are careers most people think of as "extinct" when they are actually becoming more and more in demand!

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#1.  Data Entry. With technology becoming so prevalent today, many employers expect you to be able to write and enter your own data into their software programs. Data entry isn't dead, it has been reinvented. And, there are strong traditional data entry jobs on the rise.  Many retail companies require people to enter collected data into their marketing software after a phone sale has been made. And yes, people still do order items over the phone or via catalog.

#2. According to BoomersNextStep.com, "Cobblers come in handy for those needing shoes and boots to fit unusual sizes not found in stores or meet specific orthopedic requirements. Every major city and many suburbs and rural areas play host to at least one shoemaker providing repair services for fancy footwear that cannot be so easily replaced."

#3. Spinners. A spinner works with natural fibers and assists knitters and crocheters who perform their craft as more than just a hobby.

#4.  Librarian. Most major city libraries are run by technology today. But, they still need a librarian to keep things moving along and assist patrons. The new librarian is a digital archivist, savvy with searches, keywords and helpful websites.

#5.  Farmers. Yes, farming isn't what it use to be. There is no doubt the job was on the decline for a while. But, thanks to some savvy marketers who happen to farm- this job is becoming more and more in demand.  Adding organic farm markets and seasonal attractions, such as pumpkin patches and Christmas trees, is helping attract new business for farmers. Some farmers are even offering to allow paying guests a sleep-in-the-barn experience with opportunities to do farm chores. Yeah, like on City Slickers!

So you see, there are opportunities available. You just need to know where the work is and how to obtain it. The best part? We can help!