We offer one-on-one consultation to our clients, helping you focus on your specific manpower needs and long-term staffing requirements. We will help you determine what your company really needs and plan for both current and future growth.

With more than 25 years of combined experience, our management team is driven, focused and proficient, with a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a shared love for the work that we do. We take staffing to the next level!

“In this ever changing world of internet, social media, widgets and e-recruiting, we at Building Team Solutions understand that there is still a undeniable result from old world, exemplary, relationship building. Put simply: getting to know your client and their needs, listening and learning from your client thru strategic partnering and dedicated individuals who have a developed strategy to laser focus and get to the heart of your manpower needs. We have a strategy to develop trust, communication and ultimate partnering, as we explore how to better get your firm where it needs to be regarding manpower, recruitment and hiring. That’s why we endeavor to go beyond the norm and exceed our client expectations. This includes our consulting services which can be developed in conjunction with your strategic needs and with our help provide a POA with implementation strategies that addresses any current or future staffing, recruitment ,employee retention and employee attraction needs.”