We offer guidance to our employees that will help them improve their lives at home, on the job, and anywhere in between. Through our unique offerings that start the moment they are interviewed. Incorporated in this is our family centric approach and caring demeanor of a recruiting staff that is passionate about helping others. It is not uncommon for someone to be offered advice, insight and interview tips from our staff (even when the candidate is not a fit for one of our positions). We further have developed tips sheets, resources and listings running the gamut from:

  • Family Practices and Wellness Education
  • Volunteer Opportunities in your community
  • Local trade schools or training opps to advance your career
  • Tips and techniques for saving money and creating retirement options
  • How to become a manager or better employee

At BTS we want everyone we come into contact with to be left better than when they arrived ! Meaning do they need anything we can help with, and not just in finding them a job or career path. We endeavor to make a community impact. We know that once you meet one of our staffed employees you will see that they learn to demonstrate respect, responsibility and restraint on the job and beyond, leading to greater opportunities in all aspects of their lives& we encourage and foster this environment.

Books , videos and resources available to all employees at our local offices. Call a staff member to inquire or to speak confidentially about any issue or need we can help you with. We might not know the answer, but we will get you going in the right direction!