While we here at Building Team Solutions can provide you with amazing candidates and talent, it is your goal to ask the right questions to vet our matches for you. But what are the right questions?

Gone are the days of asking template questions on an interview. If you really want to get to know a candidate, make him or her think on their feet. Ask unexpected questions that can’t be practiced. Watching how the candidate handles the question is more crucial than the actual answer. How someone handles the unexpected question will tell you a lot about how they are in the areas of customer service, working under pressure, and dealing with unexpected internal politics.

Some of the great questions I have heard employees ask candidates are:

How lucky are you and why do you think this is?
If you had a job as a sandwich maker, how would a hammer benefit you?
Who is your favorite American Idol judge and why?
Do you believe in Bigfoot? Why?
(BTW this is a REAL question often asked by - Norwegian Cruise Line
The point is to ask the unexpected. Spend some time today throwing in non-offensive and legal questions into your interview process.

Until we meet again,

Britanie Olvera, CEO of Building Team Solutions