Write A Great Resume! 

There are a lot of websites offering free advise when it comes to writing a job-catching resume. The truth is that employers are seeking great candidates who know how to market themselves in a challenging employment culture. Building Team Solutions is one of the top recruiting and staffing firms that specializes in the areas of Construction, Facilities, Industrial and Manufacturing. But, when it comes to finding any type of work, our tips can help!
#1 – Don’t forget to list the job title. This is a huge oversight many people make. Resumes are packed with previous employers, exact dates and job responsibilities. But, what about the actual job title? Details are important -but so are the basics.
#2 – Don’t lie and don’t skew the truth. Skewing the truth has become a big problem. Never lie or skew the truth on a resume. It will cost you the job. The truth will always come out. Employers who discover a lie will trash your resume. But, employers who hire and then discover they were mislead will destroy your career. Skewing the truth (such as noting “manager” when you really were a shift lead) tells an employer that you are not trustworthy and feel cheating is ok. If you feel you do not have the qualifications for your dream job do something about it. Seek training and be upfront. In the example above, employers rather read “lead” on a resume that is followed by “currently taking management classes at”.
#3. Don’t use generic terms. Employers don’t want to see the following terms on a resume;
• responsible for
• experienced
• excellent written communication skills
• team player
• detail oriented
• successful
Be inventive. Use words that will make you standout!
#4. Note your availability. Many people forget to add their availability to a resume. It is important. Note when you can start work. Also note any schedule requirements that the employer will have to consider.
#5. Pay scale. Pay scale can be tricky. Employers want to know how much you were making. The question becomes should you list your prior salary on a resume? As a general rule, yes. However, every resume should be complimented by a strong, concise cover letter. In a cover letter you want to note that your pay requirements are “flexible” based on the current economic state. And, you might be surprised. You may be thinking a job will pay 24k when it really pays 27k!
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