Personality Tests To Screen Workers – 3 Warnings

The cost of making the wrong hiring decision has led many employers to turn to personality tests to better understand their potential employees. But is a personality test a foolproof hiring tool? In a report published in the University of Pennsylvania’s Journal of Labor and Employment Law, Susan J. Stabilet, a professor of law at St. John’s University, outlined a variety of issues—from flawed test results to possible discrimination—surrounding personality tests in the workplace. Here are the three most relevant reasons you might want to steer clear of this hiring… Read more

Happy New Year 2016

NOW HIRING – VIEW ALL JOBS View Our Job BoardBTS Helping Build Great Buildingswith Hiring Great People!BTS Is proud of all of our employees and clients and a special thank you to our long term employee’s like Jose who have worked with us for over 2 years was awarded with special recognition with this ultra cool SAFETY JACKET from Building Team Soltuions! Is Your Resolution for Job Success?It’s the day after New Year’s and every elliptical in your health club is taken. These fair-weather athletes fill up… Read more

How to Build an Effective Talent Pipeline Strategy

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every time an employee resigned, a new position was created or you were having trouble filling a critical role, you had the names of several suitable candidates right at your fingertips? That’s the idea behind a talent pipeline, a long-range recruiting strategy that minimizes the likelihood of hiring mistakes, saves time and money and helps organizations plan for their futures. According to Microsoft Executive Recruiter Heather Parrot, that’s what talent pipelining is all about. “Talent pipelining … is building long-term professional relationships with passive talent… Read more

Make LinkedIn Work For You

In today’s job market, no job seeker should be without a LinkedIn account. Your profile serves as your digital calling card; knowing how to make it work for you can make you stand out among an increasingly crowded job-market. Read on to discover 10 tips that will help you perfect your profile and start reaping the professional benefits. 1. Be thorough It’s very important to create a full profile. This includes the summary, relevant information about your background, experience and skills. Your profile should give recruiters a good sense of… Read more

Commercial Construction Project Manager Wanted: 11-1-2015

Call Us Today! 512-258-5336Company Contact Us! – 512-258-5336Location Austin, TXIndustry Construction (OWNER/ DEVELOPER SIDE)Type Salaried, Full TimeEducation Level Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management or EngineeringSalary Competitive based on work experience and trainingJob Description This client is the world’s premier developer and operator (owner) of a proprietary and exciting experiential entertainment center. The company opens & operates franchises around the world and is in major cities worldwide including Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Moscow, and Singapore. They are executing a US national roll out of… Read more

All girls team, Beatin the boys at IEC BBQ Cook Off!

We competed in the IEC Central Texas chapter BBQ on October 3, 2015!!! We WON 2nd place brisket & 5th place fajitas!! All girls team!  Beatin the boys! The IEC is Independent Electrical Contractors. The electrical industry is the most technical of all building trades. It requires professional supervision and management to construct electrical projects. The only way to become a professional is through training, education and experience. The mission of IEC is to offer independent electrical contractors quality education programs, industry information and services and by clear communication with… Read more

Six Traits of the Next Generation of Leaders

As large numbers of Baby Boomers transition into retirement, organizations have seen a leadership gap emerge as well. A recent study by and Harris Poll found that corporate leaders are increasingly worried that there are “not enough good leaders within the organization.” It’s a worry with huge implications as the workforce ages and current leaders retire with few qualified younger contenders for their positions. Without good leadership, even the strongest company can flounder. However, regardless of what stage you are in in your career, there is good news; this… Read more

Is Your Company Irresistible to Jobseekers?

The best companies attract the best people. It’s a concept as irrefutable as the laws of gravity. Even in industries where employers typically have their pick of top talent, becoming an employer of choice has become increasingly important; more and more companies have come to understand that attracting and retaining top talent can give them the edge they need in today’s competitive business landscape. Research shows that creating an environment that supports, motivates and inspires people is often just as important as compensation. In the 2015 Employee Job Satisfaction and… Read more

The Future of Manufacturing Trends

Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY for those in the know) is an annual event on the first Friday of October, initially declared in 2013 by President Obama. During MFG DAY over 1,600 plants open their doors and welcome in tens of thousands of people to promote awareness of manufacturing and inspire people to consider careers in the industry. This year, we celebrated MFG DAY on October 2. And there’s much to celebrate. While the manufacturing industry in the United States has seen some rough times in the past few decades, a… Read more

The Quick Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Contractor

We’ve gathered some useful tips that will benefit all contractors, no matter how long a contract lasts. Follow these best practices, and you shouldn’t have a problem finding new assignments — or extending existing ones: Be punctual Seems like a no-brainer, right? But don’t underestimate the power of being on time. Being on time shows respect and enables you and your colleagues to be efficient. In fact, punctuality is one of the qualities employers notice most. Learn the company culture It starts with following workplace protocol in all cases; observe… Read more