So, What Do You Do Here, Anyways?

In today’s challenging job market, there are more people than ever turning to recruiters and staffing agencies to help them start paving the road to a rewarding career. And as the companies strive to return to their pre-recession state and reach their goals, many are on the hunt for qualified, exemplary candidates who will help them move forward. Sometimes, it seems that job seekers and companies alike can be a little confused about what exactly we’re here to do.  The Recruiter recently posted an article providing helpful tips for how… Read more

Recruiting the Perfect PERSON for the Job

We’re definitely interested in finding out what lies beyond the words on their resume. Before we make a hiring decision, we make sure that we’ve gotten to know an individual as person, not just as a name on a piece of paper When you set out to expand your company’s team, how do you know that you’ve found the perfect candidate? Are you more impressed by an awesome education, or an extensive work history? Are you more concerned with what’s on a resume, or what you can find out about… Read more

Construction, Industrial, Facilities Management Jobs Make People Happy

At Building Team Solutions, when we set out to help our clients find candidates for temporary staffing, permanent placement and traveling crews, we hope to do more than just simply find a person to fill in a job. We want to help our clients find the most accomplished candidates and build a perfect team, one that can cater to their specific needs and achieve their goals. In doing so, we build long-term, lasting relationships with both our candidates and clients. We want to not only create career paths, but also… Read more

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I am not saying a CEO is not capable of writing  a blog, or for that matter that we, I mean they, do not have something noteworthy or relevant to post. What I am referring to is the fact that most CEO's do tend to have a lot going on, like day to day operations of their business. Further, we, I mean they, tend to not be fond of taking time out of a busy day to learn the proper etiquette and procedure for posting to their website...heaven forbid we,… Read more

Resume "little white lies"

Don’t Lie on Your Resume- not even a little "white one" Even the little white lies can sabotage your ability to get a job. It’s easy to think that no one will ever really check to see if I worked there for 3 years …even if it was only 2. Or maybe you think no one will take the time to check reference (really?) or call the company directly to verify that the Manager you listed is truly a manager …and not your best buddy who worked in your department… Read more

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Social Media and the Busy CEO

Ok..ok.. so I am finally going to take the plunge and really put social media on my calendar of “to do’s”. I have relented finally to the large mountain that I have yet had no luck at climbing with any true result.  Meaning,  I get so far up (a few tweets here, some Facebook posts there) and it seems I inevitably fall back down to the bottom again, (sans any social media for weeks) only to look up and think to myself:… Read more

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