The following is a compilation of resources to allow you to best determine and define your negotiations for salary and benefits packages.  These are guides only and you still need to factor in items such as varying economic and regional conditions. IDEAL FIT  – VS – SALARY Is this the best job for me and my family or future family? It might sound trivial and maybe it is, if your focused on only the pay. But often we need to see that the salary or hrly figure might not be… Read more

Knowing and Growing Your Worth in the Workplace

You’re the first person in the office every morning and the last one to leave at night. The word “vacation” is not in your vocabulary. There’s always more work to be done. Sometimes you feel guilty about being a working mom, but you love your job and your professional identity is important to you. Besides, your hard work has paid off. You have the best stats in the department, are liked by everyone and you’re the first person your boss calls in a crisis. So why are you regularly passed… Read more

An HR Manager’s Guide to Bringing (Real) Diversity to the Workplace

The results are in. Recent reports confirm what most successful business leaders have known for decades: Assembling and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce is essential for business in the 21st century. A strong employee retention strategy focused on diversity, coupled with a customer base that celebrates a company’s inclusive values, can improve brand affinity — and the bottom line. “Basic economic theory suggests that consumers will correct for a company’s lack of diversity by simply not spending money there … The same can be said of employees, who are… Read more

Job Search Secrets to Win Over Computers and Recruiters

Remember résumé paper? In the days before digital communication, job seekers hoping to impress prospective employers printed their résumés on expensive, heavyweight linen-textured paper in hues of white, cream and gray. Nowadays, snail-mailed résumés are a thing of the past, and paper résumés are printed on plain old copy paper — if at all. Instead, job applicants can apply for scores of jobs right from their iPads or smart phones. While it is quick and convenient to apply online, you may wonder if your résumé ever reaches an employer’s inbox.… Read more

9 Tips for Bringing Good Karma To The Workplace

In today’s business community, many experts are believing that with all things being equal, those who spread good “karma” are more likely to succeed in the long run. But what exactly is karma? According to Sara Arnell, “The idea of karma — good or bad — is part of the belief system of millions of people around the world. In the simplest terms, karma results from a person’s actions.” As the CEO and founder of Karmic, a mobile app and platform for “everyday acts of kindness and compassion”, Arnell advises… Read more

How to Keep Your Entry-Level Employees

By some estimates, entry-level employee turnover can cost companies somewhere between 30-50 percent of the employee’s annual salary. As the American job market continues to improve and more positions become available, taking steps to retain talented entry-level employees might be one of soundest investments you can make. Why Employees Leave The first step to retaining employees is understanding why they leave. Many entry-level workers change jobs at or around the two-year mark because it’s the fastest way to increase their salaries, according to Cameron Keng’s 2014 article in Forbes Magazine.… Read more

Network Without Leaving Your Seat

The days of the three-martini lunches are gone — and they have been for decades. Companies and professionals alike now converge online by default. It’s easier. It’s in real-time. And it’s much less expensive than hundred-dollar bar tabs. However, with greater accessibility comes greater responsibility. Are you managing your online networking effectively? Are you on the right channels? LinkedIn is an obvious option for job seekers and working professionals, but how about Facebook or Twitter? Where do you start? There are countless places to build your professional presence online. To… Read more

Your Contract is Almost Up: Now What?

Where do you see yourself in five years? Try five minutes! While the end of a temporary contract can be a hectic and anxious time, it’s also an opportunity — especially if your aim is to transition into a full-time role. Here are a few tips to increase your staying power. Take a Moment to Reflect Benchmark your achievements and be able to point to ways you’re primed to continue contributing to the company. Your insider snapshot of the company allows you to speak directly to the organization’s pain points… Read more

Embracing Honesty May Be Your Smartest Hiring Tool

You can’t hide a broken hiring process. Whether consequences are felt during the interview process or months after an employee’s start date, your company’s success hinges on getting this right. Even if a hiring manager brings on a great employee only to have him defect to a competitor 18 months later, the process has failed. That employee may have left for any number of reasons, but decades of staffing experience has taught us that most problems could have been predicted and confronted before the hiring decision was even made. Companies… Read more

5 Interview Tactics We Always Forget

Everyone in the job market has probably encountered the “usual suspects” of interview tips: bring a resume, make eye contact and wear clothes that don’t distract. There’s a reason you hear some of these over and over: It’s good advice. But there’s so much more to landing a job in today’s market — and it takes more than coming with a list of questions and executing a Presidential handshake. More than ever, it’s important to distinguish yourself from others in an interview, many of whom will have similar qualifications and… Read more