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Recruitment Advertising 101

  As the CEO of Building Team Solutions, I am often asked about recruitment advertising.  Does it work? How much should I spend? What are some mistakes to avoid?  Yes, recruitment advertising does work but it can backfire.  Here is what you need to know;Maintaining your ads.  Don’t set a run on a position for 10 weeks straight.  Chances are you will find an employee within the first two weeks.  Old ads can equate to annoying phone calls, upset walk-ins, etc.  Make sure to always update and change your… Read more

How to Ask For A Promotion…. And Get One!

So, the time has come to ask for a promotion. But, you’re scared. The economy isn’t at its best, people are still unemployed, and you’re really not the best at demanding payment for services that are producing. Well, don’t fear- Building Team Solutions is here!If you’re seeking employment but are not sure how to ask then follow these tips. Step One.  Be positive but present your case.  You don’t want to be aggressive when asking an employer for money. No one is owed a raise.  When presenting your case… Read more