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Do You Suffer from CEO Syndrome?

As a CEO, I can say that I suffer from "CEO Syndrome". Haven't heard of it? It is a real thing. Many employees don't understand what CEO Syndrome (CEOS) is, but those who are CEOs, CIOs, CFOs or top-ranking management - you will be able to identify with the symptoms. What are they? Loneliness. Yes, loneliness. People who work their way up in a company understand that hard-work is required, but so is playing politics. Thus, it becomes harder and harder to trust people because one never knows what information… Read more

The Annual Employee Review... Is It A Must?

Many of you out there might be surprised to read that I don't recommend an annual employee performance review. There are still some companies who are holding on to this concept simply because it is a tradition- not because it is necessary. And, other CEOs agree with me. The main reasons I feel the annual reviews don't work are because they are too infrequent to make their content meaningful and actionable. If you give an employee items to improve upon, which you always should, you can't address these tasks until… Read more

What's in A Reference?

As children, most of us were constantly told that honesty is always the best policy. Even though we know that lying is wrong, as we got older, a “grey area” in the truth-telling game began to emerge.  At some point, someone probably led you to believe that in very specific, special circumstances, telling a “white lie” could be okay, especially if it prevents feelings from getting hurt, without damaging anyone. There’s one area where even a little “white lie” should NEVER be told, regardless of how hard the job search… Read more

Recuiting, Boutique-Style

There’s something about the “boutique” style that I’ve always loved. When it comes to travel, whether for business or pleasure, I’ve always gone out of my way to find small, local, and boutique-style hotels to stay in instead of large chain hotels. I have to admit that I definitely don’t mind five-star amenities-everyone deserves to be treated like a King or Queen for a day ones in a while. While this can be fun from time to time, overall I’d much prefer the personalization and charm of a boutique-style hotel.… Read more


I am not saying a CEO is not capable of writing  a blog, or for that matter that we, I mean they, do not have something noteworthy or relevant to post. What I am referring to is the fact that most CEO's do tend to have a lot going on, like day to day operations of their business. Further, we, I mean they, tend to not be fond of taking time out of a busy day to learn the proper etiquette and procedure for posting to their website...heaven forbid we,… Read more

Social Media and the Busy CEO

Ok..ok.. so I am finally going to take the plunge and really put social media on my calendar of “to do’s”. I have relented finally to the large mountain that I have yet had no luck at climbing with any true result.  Meaning,  I get so far up (a few tweets here, some Facebook posts there) and it seems I inevitably fall back down to the bottom again, (sans any social media for weeks) only to look up and think to myself:… Read more

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