Twitter is an amazing tool. If affords us the opportunity to connect with some of the world's most brilliant minds.  And, on occasion, we can even engage directly with them... for free! I love social media! Before I tell you who I follow on Twitter and why, let's connect. You can find me here: ‏ @BTSJobsAustin

#1. @guykawasaki (Guy Kawasaki): He is  a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and he is a business owner. He offers amazing insight into everyday executive issues.

#2. @sundaycosmetics (Bev Davis): She is an entrepreneur and CEO of Sunday Cosmetics. A wonderful woman, her Tweets are both warm and relevant.

#3. @mcuban (Mark Cuban): His Blog Maverick was voted one of Business Punditt’s 50 Best Business Blogs of 2008. I like to follow him because he isn't all business. When he does offer insight, it is (of course) genius. But, he offers personal commentary that is funny and engaging.

There are so many people to follow on Twitter. But, make sure you are following someone that provides great advice that is applicable to your position and industry.

I hope to see you on Twitter!