Love the concept that we can actually take things off of the ever growing TO DO LIST. Although, I have yet to master this concept. Frankly, I find more often than not, it just ends up being farther down my list, now collecting dust.

So this article below was non the less intriguing. Lets see if I have any luck doing it. I might add I love his personal list of NOT TO DO’s and it includes answering his own phone and reading his email. So at what level does a CEO need to be at to have an assistant to answer your cell phone and to pre-screen your email. He almost makes me start to wonder if he is the President of the United States or something.

So, in all intentionality, my only question is:

Would it make more sense to create a NOT TO DO LIST, or just have specific questions you ask before putting something on your TO DO LIST? Like maybe A) Can this task be performed by another staff member of my team?  B)  Does this task have a pinpoint able ROI  and is it in line with our current objectives?

Depending on your business size and your day to day schedule, you would have to decide whether the NOT TO DO LIST is something you really need.   Read the article for yourself :