Forbes recently published a report of the most in-demand jobs for 2014. Well, as we all know, the most in-demand jobs don't actually mean the most desired jobs. What's the difference? Simple, demand means these jobs are easy to come by and growing by the second. Almost anyone can get them- that's how short the supply of people for these positions is. Desired means the jobs are wanted by many. For example, becoming a nurse was a desired job in the seventies. Everyone knew it paid well and travel could even be involved. However, working in a factor was in-demand and not too many people wanted to do the same thing over and over several times a day for little pay.

So, what are the most desired jobs for 2014?

Software developer. People want these jobs because they can be done from anywhere in the world (including home), and they pay well. They offer creativity, self-supervision and basic deadlines (no micromanaging).

Another in-demand job is financial analyst. Sure, this job means you have to go into the office (most of the time), but it can be very rewarding. You develop your client base and this development determines how much money you make.

Event planners. Little specialized education is needed for this position, but it does call for a lot of patience. Dealing with thousands (sometimes millions) of dollars to develop and execute a corporate meeting or wedding sounds fabulous, but beware- clients can be extra picky. If you love to throw parties and you love people- check out this field.

Well, that's it. The top three most desired jobs for 2014!

Was your dream job on the list? If not, ,share it below in the comments section.