I was doing some research on salespeople the other day and discovered there isn’t that much difference between selling products and selling a company from either end of the spectrum when it comes to sales people and HR specialists.

Selling your company to a potential employee is just like a sales person sells a company’s products or services to clients. This said, the approach on either end of the spectrum should be the same. What do I mean? Well, let’s review;

1. Don’t over talk. You shouldn’t have to convince someone too much to work for you or buy from you. If they aren’t in love with your company, let them visit your competitor and then come back.

2. Make sure you are organized. Don’t present yourself to a potential employee or customer in a disorganized manner. It makes you appear not confident.

3. Ask questions, alot! Asking employees and customers questions will help you present the value, as a company, you have to offer.

Be your own salesperson at all times, regardless if you’re talking to a customer or a potential employee. Promote your company’s brand and show off its benefits 24/7. This will help you connect with the right people.

Britanie Olvera, Building Team Solutions