The Executive Search Team at Building Team Solutions takes a unique approach to recruiting and staffing for your leadership team. We won’t just fill executive desks with warm bodies – we will become experts on your specific corporate vision and help you plan strategically to develop and grow your staff. We know that a talented, accomplished group of executive-level leaders is the key to your company’s success, and we take our mission to staff it seriously.

Our first priority is to understand your company’s unique culture and goals, and the indicators you use to measure your success. Based on these key factors, we’ll develop a profile for your ideal executive-level candidate, mirroring your team’s existing skills, behaviors, emotional style and leadership and helping you choose the team leader that will best fit into your existing structure. You’ll be able to make an informed, superior hiring decision and end up with a team leader who will help you grow your business.

Building Team Solutions is committed to providing our clients with a supportive and positive recruiting and staffing experience. We will work closely with you to make sure your specific needs are met. Our home offices are located in Austin and Central Texas, but we can help you round out your team with the best, most accomplished candidates that can be found in your industry, regardless of location. Whatever your executive-level staffing or placement needs might be, we will help you meet them.