Building Team Solutions is a full-service recruiting and staffing firm that takes a fresh approach to the business of staffing. We don’t just recruit and staff for our clients – we build teams and improve lives.

Each of our clients receives tailor-made solutions addressing their specific needs, projects, and short and long term goals. We utilize national recruiting resources, competency-based methodologies, our own proprietary talent acquisition strategy and a flexible delivery model that is completely customer-focused. Whatever your particular staffing needs might be, we can help you identify, attract and recruit top-shelf talent for your team.

Project-Based Recruitment

If you need to make multiple hires in a short timeframe, Building Team Solutions can help you. We’ll start by getting familiar with your particular project, needs and goals, so we can be sure we’re looking for and finding the right talent for your team. We can work onsite and help you manage large-scale or long-duration projects, too. Whatever solutions you need, you’ll find them, custom made, with us.

Mid-Level Recruitment

We have access to a number of national resources and work with many partners throughout the U.S.; these relationships have given us a broad database of candidates that we can draw from at any time. And because we stay laser-focused on the Construction, Industrial, Facilities and Manufacturing markets, we’re able to find mid-level applicants from that pool both quickly and efficiently. Additionally, our commitment to understanding your company’s unique culture, recruitment processes and specific hiring requirements helps us find your ideal employee in half the time it might take other firms.

Executive Placement

The Executive Search Team at Building Team Solutions takes a unique approach to recruiting and staffing for your leadership team. Our work isn’t about filling executive desks with warm bodies – it’s about helping you plan strategically to develop and grow your staff. A talented, accomplished group of executive-level leaders is the key to your company’s success, and we take our mission to staff that team very seriously.

We’ll start by getting to know your company’s unique culture and goals, and the indicators you use to measure your success. We’ll use those key factors to develop a profile for your ideal executive-level candidate, mirroring your team’s existing skills, behaviors, emotional style and leadership. In the end, we’ll find you the ideal team leader or leaders to help you grow your business.

Management and Consulting Services

We can consult with you to develop strategies that will help reduce your costs and boost your efficiency when acquiring and managing talent. We’ll help you find the best service/technology vendors for staffing, establish new objectives and metrics for success, and implement new/optimize existing talent programs and systems. We will help you develop/restructure your in-house hiring processes or recommend and facilitate an outsourced process, if that better fits your needs.

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Building Team Solutions is committed to customer satisfaction, providing our clients with a supportive and positive recruiting and staffing experience. Our home offices are located in Austin and Central Texas, but we can help you round out your team with the best, most accomplished candidates that can be found in your industry, regardless of location. Whatever your recruiting, staffing or placement needs might be, we will help you meet them.

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