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Ahh, you come to the end of your workday and reflect on all that you have accomplished. Your expense reports are done. You have met with your team to discuss goals and set deadlines. You've fired one employee and you've hired a new branding team. Your work here is done. So, how's your health.

Did you start the day off with a high-calorie coffee and muffin? Maybe you took a snack from the vending machine and then ate a fast food burger at your desk. Not so accomplished after all, right?! I know many CEOs who aren't healthy. Why? Is your healthy really not worth your time? All those other reports and people have your time and attention, why not your own health and heart?

To be a productive CEO -or any leader for matter of fact - you have to take care of your body. One study of more than 3,600 full-time workers has found that more than half (55 percent) of workers consider themselves to be overweight, and nearly half — 41 percent — of workers have gained weight at their present jobs. These are terrible numbers.

Here are my CEO tips for staying healthy and productive when at work.
1. Use the stairs if you have to travel less than five floors.
2. Keep water and almonds at your desk at all times. Don't be tempted by vending machines.
3. Don't even consider fast food as an option. It's not. Bring your lunch or invest in a healthy one.
4. If it's Susie's birthday, be polite. Take a piece of cake, take a bite, walk away. Susie's birthday isn't an excuse to eat cake.
5. Ignore the coffee runs. This can be hard but replace the coffee runs with home brewed iced tea and frozen grapes. You will still get the energy rush but without all the calories.

You don't have to gain work as a result of your job. These five simple tips are a great way to cut back on the calorie intake when at work.

To your health,
Britanie Olvera of Building Team Solutions