There is a new trend involved with the hiring process. What is it? Ignoring the obvious. Yes, deciding to ignore the obvious things that make a candidate great or a job description complete can help you find a better hire. Here’s why;

First, job descriptions and titles set limitations on both you as the employer and the employee. Stating someone is the “manager” means that is all they can do… Instead, giving titles like “part of customer team solutions” opens up the ability for your team members to take charge, not relay on “it’s not my job” as an excuse, and allow you to run a more efficient company.

You also want to look beyond all the key qualifications a potential candidate might have and consider what they don’t have. For example, someone can have tons of experience under their belt but terrible problem solving skills- or worse, terrible people skills. Don’t rely on stats and facts, get a feel for the person and go with your gut.

The same goes for a candidate who seems to have it all. If you find someone who has the experience you’re looking for and all the daily skills required for the job, remain unbreakable and uneasily dazzled when it comes to salary and title negotiations. You want to find someone who can do the job for you, but you also need someone who is within your budget and able to work outside of job descriptions and title requirements. Flexibility and affordability are just as important as experience and skill.