When you hire Building Team Solutions to staff and recruit your company’s Manufacturing positions, we will start by working closely with your line supervisors and division managers to get familiar with your team’s specific needs — before we ever interview a single candidate. With the right team, your output will meet the highest possible standards of quality and performance, and we know Manufacturing positions are the key to a product’s sustainability and longevity. We have to understand the particular skill set you need before we can make a placement, so we’ll become experts on your team’s goals and dynamics first.

Our Manufacturing Recruitment and Staffing Team knows how important this workforce is to you, and we take our mission to staff it seriously. We’ll help you plan strategically to meet your recruiting needs, and we’ll always stay mindful of the flexibility required when hiring and staffing in a constantly changing economic and production environment.

Some of the positions we can help you fill include:

  • Assembly
  • QA/QC
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Line Worker
  • Safety
  • Picker
  • Logistics
  • Fork Lift Driver
  • Machine Operator
  • CNC Operator

Building Team Solutions offers a supportive and positive recruiting and staffing experience to all our clients, regardless of their specific location or needs. While our home offices are located in Austin and Central Texas, we are happy to work with clients in surrounding areas and beyond. Whatever your staffing or placement needs might be within the Manufacturing industry, we will proudly help you meet them.