At Building Team Solutions, safety plays a huge role in the Industrial and Construction staffing and recruiting that we do. Our people are the most important asset we have, and it’s our business to keep them safe.

At every level, we do our very best to ensure the safety of our workers.  We take a two-pronged approach to this goal:

  1. Ascertain the Risk.
  2. Eliminate the Exposure.

We start during the interview process, testing each applicant for safety readiness, performing pre-employment drug testing (not just screens) and offering general safety education for Construction and Industrial jobs before any assignment is made. We also offer employees additional training like OSHA 10 and incentives for exceeding expectations.

On the job site, we perform site and facility walk-throughs to rate each client’s site for safety and work closely with the company to address any exposures before an assigned employee reports for work. We follow up with weekly or monthly visits and re-assessments as needed, offer regular onsite training sessions when requested and launch joint safety ventures with our clients to improve safety for all employees.

Most importantly, we keep both clients and candidates informed of any changes in equipment or expectations, to be sure everyone is on the same page.