At Building Team Solutions, we consider ourselves Servant Leaders of our community. We don’t just recruit and staff – we build teams and impact lives. Our mission is to give back, and ultimately to make a difference in the lives of our staff, employees and clients. To this end, we consistently promote a policy that empowers and enlightens those around us. Some of the steps we take:

  • Our staff members receive 4 paid hours per month, to volunteer.
  • We offer services like resume writing and interview skills classes at no charge, for nonprofits that work with under-employed or unemployed clients.
  • We match our employees’ financial contributions to local 501C-3 charities.
  • We give 10% of our pretax net profit to 501C-3 organizations every year.
  • Our executives volunteer regularly with charities and organizations that can help us empower those in our community through skills training, education and mentorship.

We’re proud to work with many charitable organizations that provide solutions to our neighborhood, city, state and beyond. Some of our partners include:

Serving our community is an important part of our mission, and at Building Team Solutions we take that mission very seriously. We believe our dedication to improving lives makes us better at recruiting, staffing and placement – because, at its heart, this business is about people. The more we can do to help the people around us, the better we will be at our business.