At Building Team Solutions, we’ve created a new standard in staffing and recruiting for tradespeople in the Construction and Industrial markets. The people we hire are professional, experienced, skilled workers who come fully-equipped and ready to perform the work you need.

Say goodbye to labor pools of unprepared or unskilled workers; we don’t participate in common “day labor practices.” Our tradespeople are full-time and paid weekly. They are qualified, drug tested and reference-checked before they ever arrive at your site. And if you’re unhappy with the performance of anyone we place, for any reason, we’ll send someone else right away — no questions asked.

Building Team Solutions offers staffing flexibility, helping your company stay on schedule when you’re falling behind. If a deadline’s been moved up, a key employee’s called in sick unexpectedly, or you just need an extra set of hands, we can recruit and staff qualified people to help your team get back on track.

We offer every employee a positive work experience, valuable training and a healthy benefits package; the attention and respect we offer our employees means we’re able to attract and retain the best tradespeople in your industry. Our large pool of accomplished candidates means we never have to send unqualified personnel to your job site – and we never will.


Building Team Solutions raises the bar when it comes to recruiting and staffing for Construction positions. We provide experienced, skilled professionals, who will arrive onsite fully equipped and ready to do the job you need done.

We do not participate in typical “day labor” practices and will never deliver workpeople to your doorstep who are unskilled or unprepared. Our tradespeople are full-time, paid employees, who receive a competitive wage and benefits for their work – ensuring that our pool of candidates will be filled with some of the Construction industry’s best craftsmen.

Our number one concern is helping you build the perfect team, and to that end we guarantee that each of our candidates will arrive fully trained, with all the needed tools for his/her trade/specialty in hand and ready to work.

Each of our applicants is put through an aggressive vetting process that includes work history, licensing verification, background investigation, references and drug testing. You can count on us to recruit and staff the skilled tradespeople your project needs, whether you’re looking to fill short-term, long-term, traveling crew or permanent placements.


Building Team Solutions will work closely with you to recruit and staff Industrial positions for your particular market. Whether you are looking to staff a refinery, power plant, pipeline or mine, we will help you stack your team with the best possible tradesmen for your particular project.

The workers we provide come fully equipped and professionally trained, with a can-do attitude and your satisfaction guaranteed. Because we provide our tradespeople with full-time work, competitive wages, a benefits package and multiple training opportunities, we are able to attract and recruit a large pool of skilled workers – some of the best candidates in the Industrial market today.

We vet each of our candidates carefully, examining work history, verifying licenses and certifications, investigating backgrounds and references and testing for drug use. Our attention to detail and rigorous review process allow us to provide you with the very best people for your particular project. Whether you need short-term hands on deck, long-term employees, traveling crew members or permanent placements, we can help you find the tradespeople you need for the industrial job you’re trying to get done.