In today’s challenging job market, there are more people than ever turning to recruiters and staffing agencies to help them start paving the road to a rewarding career. And as the companies strive to return to their pre-recession state and reach their goals, many are on the hunt for qualified, exemplary candidates who will help them move forward.

Sometimes, it seems that job seekers and companies alike can be a little confused about what exactly we’re here to do.  The Recruiter recently posted an article providing helpful tips for how to get the most out of your experience working with a recruiter. No matter what industry you’re involved in, these are great tips to keep in mind:


“Recruiters don’t find people jobs”

We don’t just find people jobs-we try to find specific candidates for jobs that our client companies presents to us. We’re all about matching the perfect person with the right position, one that gives the company a chance to reach their potential and the candidate a chance to start a long lasting career.  We create a mutually beneficial relationship between a company and a person-it’s much more than just finding a job.


“Recruiters are part of the bigger picture”

We’re here to help, but we love those candidates who strive to help themselves, too. Candidates should do everything possible to create some industry buzz for their name and get themselves out there.  One great way to show companies that you’re truly dedicated to starting a career is to use all avenues available to get yourself in their door. The Recruiter suggests networking, social media sites and job seeking channels-all valuable tools to use in conjunction with a recruiter or staffing agency.


Recruiters and job seekers need to work together”

Help us help you. If you’re honest and forthcoming about your credentials, background and goals, we can guarantee that we’ll do our best to find a position that is a good match for you.  If a candidate and recruiter can work as a team to find the best possible position, all parties involved win.  Be a team player in the job seeking process, and we’ll try to find a place where you can be a valuable part of an expanding, hardworking team.


Above all, remember to use all of the resources available, set reasonable expectations and make sure that you communicate those expectations to us throughout the process. Understand we’re here to help our clients build perfect teams and help you find a place that we agree will provide you opportunities to learn, grow and kick-start your career!