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Workplace Stress

We are all part of the daily grind. Regardless if we are seeking work, hiring employees, or are employees- we suffer from work-related and workplace stress. So, how do you combat this stress in order to function with accuracy and a pleasant demeanor? First, understand it isn’t the end of the world. Whatever it is you are worried about in relation to work – it isn’t a death sentence. Things may be bad, but stay positive. I know, it is easier said than done but a positive mental attitude will… Read more

Are You Prepared for These Questions?

There are certain questions every employer is going to ask you about. Regardless of the type of work, your skill level or the type of position, these questions are essential to help employers get a better understanding of not only who you are but where you came from and why you left. If you’re seeking employment right now then please continue reading. You should practice your answers to these questions to appear confident in your answers. Plus, if you find yourself stuck answering a question- you can address the issue… Read more

Three HR Trends for 2014

HR is predictable. However, we’ve noticed 3 HR trends that weren’t predictable, yet already started to happen in 2014. Below is the list of these 3 trends and why they are happening so early in 2014. #1. Less Baby Boomers in the workforce. Yes, 2014 is going to be the year of the construction worker and the year of the IT worker. As a result, many people in their late 20’s and early 30’s are crossing over to the IT field with paid internships and competitive training programs being offered… Read more

Steal your employee and competitors’ social media followers.

All companies are seeking to target the right customers and gain ROI when it comes to writing for and using social media avenues to grow business. But did you know you’re sitting on a gold mine with your employees and even your competition? A big trend so far in 2014 is social media swiping. While it may pose (to only a few) some moral issues, it is a generally acceptable thing to do when done correctly. So, what is it? Stealing the social media subscribers of your employees and competition… Read more

Finding A Job in 2014

It is really sad to know there are millions of people in this country going without extended unemployment benefits this soon into 2014. While there is something to be said for a positive attitude, I know how hard it can be to keep the faith. As the New Year is headed into its third day, let me give you some quick and easy tips to help move your job search along. Yes, applying with us does improve your chances. But, if you’re still curious, take a look at my best… Read more

5 Simple Tips to Find A New Job

We help people find work each and every day. But what if you’re trying to go it alone? We pulled the easiest ways to start making small changes in your job search that will yield big results. #1. Learn from resume and interviewing mistakes you made this year. Don’t keep doing the same thing. If your resume hasn’t landed you any promising leads for more than two months, it is time to make a change. If you get to the interview, but haven’t received an offer- the same rule applies.… Read more

Progress, A Powerful Motivator

Do you event wonder why some people seem to always get promoted? Consider the term progress. Several studies are finding financial benefits, while appreciated, are not always the top motivator to finding qualified candidates or jobs. Progress is becoming more and more of a factor for employees seeking a career versus a job and for candidates seeking great employees who are motivated by success, not just money. One study out of Maine recently compared employment progress to simple task progress and I agree. If you have a to-do list for… Read more

Hiring, Ignore the Obvious

There is a new trend involved with the hiring process. What is it? Ignoring the obvious. Yes, deciding to ignore the obvious things that make a candidate great or a job description complete can help you find a better hire. Here’s why; First, job descriptions and titles set limitations on both you as the employer and the employee. Stating someone is the “manager” means that is all they can do… Instead, giving titles like “part of customer team solutions” opens up the ability for your team members to take charge,… Read more

How Not To Lose A Job!

I once had an encounter with a highly-skilled person. She was an amazing interview. She was personable, had the qualifications I was looking for, and much more. I didn’t hire her. What was wrong? Well, it was very simple – she assumed she had the job and didn’t possess follow through. I was looking for someone who was both experienced and possessed follow through. I share this story because it is very important for people seeking work to understand and then practice the art of follow through. If you interview… Read more

Are You in the ‘Smart’ Habit Zone?

Here’s the thing – I run Building Team Solutions. I do get asked HR questions day in and day out. But I get a lot of general business questions. I can understand the reasoning as I work with many business leaders in dramatically different industries. So, is there a secret to success? This is another question I am asked a lot. While the secret recipe has yet to be debated, there are a few ‘Smart’ habits many great leaders have. For example; being an avid reader seems to be a… Read more