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How to Ask For A Promotion.... And Get One!

So, the time has come to ask for a promotion. But, you're scared. The economy isn't at its best, people are still unemployed, and you're really not the best at demanding payment for services that are producing. Well, don't fear- Building Team Solutions is here! If you're seeking employment but are not sure how to ask then follow these tips. Step One.  Be positive but present your case.  You don't want to be aggressive when asking an employer for money. No one is owed a raise.  When presenting your case… Read more

195k New Jobs, Unemployment Numbers Don't Move

Today's hot topic in the news is our US economy numbers and employment.  Reports have 195K new jobs added to the US economy in the month of June, yet the unemployment number of 7.7% hasn't budged.   Job growth "continues to look more than strong enough to keep unemployment trending down ... and probably more than strong enough to lead to Fed tapering starting in September," said Jim O'Sullivan, chief U.S. economist at High Frequency Economics. So, are you worried? We're not. In our profession, we deal with employment and unemployment… Read more

This 4th of July Take Time For Yourself.

Being an executive is hard. No, I am not complaining. But, I am saying our current work culture is changing - and not always for the best. What I mean is that our social media accounts seem to be taking over our lives and leading to a 24/7 work day. I see people all the time having breakfast with their families and sending emails from their phones. Even better, the birthday dinner that is being multi-tasked with viewing a web presentation at work from an iPad. Where have our personal… Read more

Construction Jobs Are In!

The Associated Press released a report today noting how the construction industry is improving day by day. In fact, numbers are at an all time high since 2008. So what does it all mean? Well, we here at Building Team Solutions are able to connect more companies with employees and provide more people with jobs. How fantastic is this?! Anyway, an average of  7,000 new construction jobs have been added in each state since January of this year. If you're looking to obtain a job in the construction field, please… Read more

Do you Know How To Fire Someone?

No one likes having to fire an employee- well, with the exception of Donald Trump. For the most, firing someone isn't easy. It has to be done, but we are all human.  If you do have to let someone go, here are some tips to avoid really making a mess of the situation. 1.  Don't make someone disappear.  It is bad for the employees who are staying. Good companies communicate and do so in a positive manner.  If you're going to fire someone, explain to the rest of the employees… Read more

Finding A Job; Why Experience Doesn't Matter!

Finding a job no longer is about what experience you may or may not have. In fact, employers are looking for drive, passion and price point more than anything in today's market.  In fact, experience might actually work against you when seeking a job. Why? Well, a recent report by Forbes magazine said, "Extensive experience presented without achievements and progressive successes may imply you just did the same thing over and over again without growth or improvement." So, what if you have tons of experience? What if you loved what… Read more

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome- Why CEOS Are Prone to It.

  CEOs are prone to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) not because they don't get enough sleep, but because they spend most of their time at their desks.  According to The Mayo Clinic, "Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complicated disorder characterized by extreme fatigue that can't be explained by any underlying medical condition. " And, CFS doesn't improve with sleep! What causes it? Well, there are still studies being conducted but the preliminary results are linked to mental stress and strain- probably why so many CEOs have this! The reason why… Read more

Why Employee Gossip May Ruin Your Company!

People don't often consider just how important Human Resources is. The same goes for hiring and firing the right employee.  The people you select to work for you could ruin your company. Or, they can help it expand and grow. Your employees create a culture that is either positive or negative. Knowing how to create a productive and friendly culture is key- yet, often an ignored aspect within companies. When hiring you have to consider experience, drive, pay rate and so forth. But, you also have to consider the individual… Read more

SNL Office Skits!

Happy Saturday! It is no secret that Saturday Night Live (SNL) has been developing hilarious office skits for decades.  That's why this Saturday I decided to take a break from my normal business blog to write about something different- the funniest SNL office skits. I have my favorites and I know you have yours. So, let's take a look back. Share your own list with me via Twitter or Facebook! Britanie Olvera, CEO #1.  Bill Brasky at the airport bar. Who hasn't witnessed someone like this during a business trip?… Read more

Working with Friends

We covered how to work with family in our last blog. Well, this blog is dedicated to working with friends. It might be harder than working with family.  You see, families often forgive and forget. However, many friendships have been broken because of work relationships that turned sour. Here is how to work with friends without ruining the friendship. Before you hire or go to work for or with a friend make a list of the pros and cons. The next step is to share this list with your friend.… Read more