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Don't Hire Overly Qualified Candidates!

Experience can be a great thing when hiring an employee. In fact, I've discussed the chicken or the egg (AKA hiring experience vs. hiring ambition) several times and in many of my blog posts.  What I want to discuss today is why hiring an overly qualified candidate can be a bad thing. Now, we here at Building Team Solutions, agree that this subject is concerning.  With the economy being tough, more overly qualified candidates are having to take entry level jobs. And, in some cases this works out.  But there… Read more

Working With Family.

Not all of us can work like the family on the Duck Dynasty TV show. In fact, working with family can be very rewarding but it can also divide families. Regardless if you work alongside a family member within a company or if you family owns a business, being together all the time when there is money involved can be the source of great stress and strain. Here are some tips on how to work with family. 1. Set specific goals. Working with a family member is hard because you… Read more

Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person.

My company, Building Team Solutions, works with employers to help them find the right employee. But, what if you need to hire someone like now? You can't wait to set-up with us (which we can usually accomplish within the same day,) or you just want to make a decision on hiring someone internally, and you have questions on which candidate to hire and which one to pass on. Here are some tips on how to avoid hiring the wrong candidate. #1. Job seekers are taught to break down your job… Read more

The Employment Gap ; How To Handle It.

The economy these last past years hasn't been the best. That's obvious. Explaining employment gaps, however, can't be singled out in two simple words, "the economy." You really do have to explain gaps in employment. Relying on "the economy" answer  isn't going to cut it anymore when it comes to finding a job. The best way to handle a gap in employment is with honesty. You should also address the issue asap. A cover letter with any application or resume is the perfect way to notate what happened to cause… Read more

The Danger of Doing Everything Yourself.

I knew a lady who wouldn't delegate work. She was afraid someone was going to "steal" her ideas or go to work for another company and share trade secrets. Besides having NDAs in place, she just couldn't delegate her work, which is why her business is no longer a business. Delegating work and trusting others is a part of operating a business. Sure, not every employee or client is going to have the best intentions or work half as hard as you do. That's a part of the game. Regardless,… Read more

5 Jobs You Thought Were Extinct

We help employees and employers connect. It doesn't matter if you have a background in administration or are a construction worker. We will help you find work. Our team is consistently seeking information on what careers are hot and what jobs are on the decline. Well, the following five jobs are careers most people think of as "extinct" when they are actually becoming more and more in demand! #1.  Data Entry. With technology becoming so prevalent today, many employers expect you to be able to write and enter your own… Read more

Best FREE Business Schools Online!

Maybe you're working and you just don't have time to go to school and further your education. Or, maybe you're out of work and can't afford to go to your local community college because  your finances are not what they use to be. We here at Building Team Solutions understand both scenarios (and a few others), which is why we are listing the best places to continue your education online and for free! #1. Coursera has modified versions of in-person classes offered by 33 university partners, including Brown, Stanford and… Read more

CEOs I'm Following On Twitter & Why You Should Too!

Twitter is an amazing tool. If affords us the opportunity to connect with some of the world's most brilliant minds.  And, on occasion, we can even engage directly with them... for free! I love social media! Before I tell you who I follow on Twitter and why, let's connect. You can find me here: ‏ @BTSJobsAustin #1. @guykawasaki (Guy Kawasaki): He is  a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine and he is a business owner. He offers amazing insight into everyday executive issues. #2. @sundaycosmetics (Bev Davis): She is an entrepreneur and… Read more

Find A Job Using An Android! The Best Apps.....

  If you're seeking employment, we can help. However, it is still a great idea to be active on the following Android Apps to help enhance your job search. Start with LinkedIn on Android. LinkedIn is the only social network that truly connects employers and recruiters with job applicants. Hiring managers conducting a background search may want to spy your Facebook page, but serious employers will really consider the social worth you’ve amassed on LinkedIn. Consider posting your resume on InDeed.com. This Android app is able to keep real-time tabs… Read more

What I've Learned From Celebrity Apprentice.

As I CEO, I will admit that I'm addicted to Celebrity Apprentice. Every time there is a new season one can find me at home and glued to my TV.  I love watching shows about business and learning about different management styles- especially given the nature of my company. But, how realistic are the methods used in Celebrity Apprentice? Well, about 50/50 in my opinion. Here's what I learned this past season from Celebrity Apprentice; 1. Goals are important. No matter what the task, Donald Trump always defined how the… Read more