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Time Management

Ahh, it’s Friday. And you’re swamped. If you’re like me, Friday doesn’t mean you are at the end of your week and can wind down. In fact, most busy people tend to work their latest day on Fridays. Well, the truth be told…. I’m not working that late tonight. I’ve developed a few time management tricks that are working. I may be swamped but I know the work will be done on time and well before the weekend arrives. If you want to manage your time better, follow these tips;… Read more

Career Agent or Manager?

Most of the time employees think of their manager as the person who is able to hire, fire and enforce rules. In fact, I’ve seen employees dodge their managers simply because they associate their title with something bad. Why? Managers can be an worker’s best advocate. In fact, managers can be an employee’s Career Agent. I say this because employees tend to associate the word manager with something negative.A Career Agent is someone who helps you, right? Right. They can help you answer questions as to what you can… Read more

Career Planning & Retirement Planning Are the Same Thing!

When you think of planning for your career and then your retirement the two items being the same usually don’t equate. However, they are pretty much the same thing and require the same planning. Here’s why; According to a recent article on FoxBusiness.com, “Research shows that compared to baby boomers, generations X Y, and Z (also known as Millennials) are motivated less by money and more by a desire for work-life balance and finding meaning in their work. If you fall into one of these groups, it’s likely you will… Read more

Your Company’s Public Image – Employees DO Play A Role.

As a CEO, I am responsible for the public image of my company. It takes years to develop a brand within any industry. With trade professions, reputation is everything. How a business is perceived can make or break a bid. This brings me to my next point. The work environment that you create will affect your company’s public image. A cut-throat culture will have employees fighting with each other  stressed out beyond believe, and not exactly operating with a moral compass leading the way. However, companies who take pride in… Read more

High-voltage Electrician – The Steps Needed.

As the CEO for a staffing firm I am often asked what jobs are most in demand.  Right now High-voltage electricians are needed across the country. This answer is usually followed by “What type of training is needed?” I’m going to share the basic training qualifications required to work as a High-voltage Electrician. Note, these are the basics. You can always contact me for further insight or resources. And, I should state that the qualifications differ from state-to-state. #1. Most states require a high school diploma. College certification is options… Read more