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The Temp Job 101

Many people today love working temp jobs. It helps build up their resume with experience in an array of different industries and positions. The market for finding a temp job has become highly competitive. The more experienced a temp is, the more likely the staffing agency is to recommend that person. The same goes for being flexible. If you're looking to get your foot in the door with a staffing company know there are a few steps to follow beyond applying and testing in the office. 1. Research the different… Read more

3 Ways To Get Yourself Fired

You might be asking yourself why this post is in the CEO blog. Well, I wanted to place it here because there is a new employment trend happening. What is it? Getting yourself fired. Yes, there are people out there who WANT to get fired so they can go on unemployment. While this demographic of applicants is low, it still is happening. Below are three surefire signs to look for when you think an employee might be trying to get him or herself fired; 1. Excessive sick days. As an… Read more

More Great Work from Building Team Solutions

Today's blog is more of a photo example of the great work we do placing the right people with the right companies. These three photos (below) were taken at a large limestone quarry plant in central Texas. We recently recruited and placed a Plant Operations Manager at this job site. Yet another successful placement for us! If you need to hire great talent, or you're seeking an amazing company to work for, please call or email us. In fact, you can apply for a job 24/7 right here on this… Read more

Employment, The Process

I recently watched a video where an HR Specialist stated "it is a great idea to have a candidate do the job while interviewing to make sure they can do it." In a perfect world this suggestion would solve all of our problems. But it could create many problems, too. Think of the confidentiality clause issues you may have! I would love to tell my clients (when interviewing a candidate) to throw him or her on a sales call or forklift. But what happens if they get hurt on the… Read more

Social Media & Finding Employees

It is my business to find clients the best employees for their business. While I use all types of recruiting and screening tools, social media has helped introduce me to candidates that may have never thought about stepping foot into my office. You see, many candidates are seeking new jobs online without using the term "applying", yes- there is a difference. These are people who want to find a better job but will not say they are looking for a better job out of fear they may lose the income… Read more

Personality Tests to Vet Candidates...Is It Legal?

It is no secret applicants tend to exaggerate (even outright lie) on resumes and application. As a result, personality testing has become a big part of today's second-step employment screening process. Companies find a qualified applicant who does well on an interview, but then the applicant fails the personality test. Companies consider the personality test as a useful tool to weed out liars and those who might not fit within the company culture. But did you know how you conduct this type of testing can be illegal? It's true. You… Read more

Government Shutdown Impacting Jobs!

The IRS is closed. The Social Security Administration office is closed! Thousands of people are out of work for an unknown period of time. I'm not going to use this forum to get on my soapbox and talk politics. But I will use it to dissect the numerous ways business and work will be impacted by the shutdown. First, credit to the Charlotte Observer that said "“Government employees spend money too,” said James Kleckley, an economist at East Carolina University. “They go out to eat, they buy groceries, they get… Read more

Tough Interview Questions

It happens. You're prepared for a big interview and then your tossed a curve ball. Before you know it, a question you were not prepared for is asked and you are stopped in your tracks. How do you handle this situation? First, let me say before you panic remember to remain positive. You don't want to ever say anything negative about anyone else, a customer or your past employer. One curve ball question that is being asked a lot in today's interviewing culture is this; "tell me about the worst… Read more

Salary Negotiations 101

Even though we provide staffing for companies, a salary or hourly wage has to be determined by you- the employer. Sometimes, depending on the type of staffing we're providing, negotiating will come into the mix. Well, if you've never had the "joy" of negotiating money with an employee, here are a few tips; 1. Throw out your numbers first. Yes, numbers! You have to be clear what your range is. So, you might say to an employee that you're willing to negotiate a raise between 10 and 20 percent based… Read more

Simple Ways to Find Work

We here at Building Team Solutions are in the business of finding people work. While most of our jobs are temporary, we do offer full-time positions on occasion. It all depends on what our clients want. So, if you're seeking a career and need some tips on finding full-time work, keep reading....... Step 1: Prepare a 15- to 30-second bio beforehand. This means you pitch yourself, briefly, and highlight an accomplishment that your'e proud of. Remember, never bad mouth a former employer. Step 2: Hand out business cards printed with… Read more