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Tips for Construction Workers

We here at Building Team Solutions are always hiring for construction jobs. Even when these jobs aren't posted, our clients are always browsing our applicants to find the right candidates. Click here to browse current construction jobs. Once you do obtain work as a construction worker, there are some tips to keep in mind in order to maintain employment. I've listed them below. 1. Listen.  Listening seems to be the biggest reason why workers are fired from construction jobs. It is crucial for you, as a construction worker, to listen… Read more

Jobs in Texas. Yes, We're Hiring!

We are hiring. We have been hiring. Our clients are listing some positions. While other clients simply look through our application data base, without advertising the position, to cherry pick the perfect candidate.  Are you looking for employment? As of today, I'm posting some of the latest positions we have been hired to fill. You can always apply online (24/7) and if you don't see the perfect job for you- apply anyway. Like I said, we have some clients who wish for us to NOT advertise the job. These clients… Read more

Asking the Right Questions

Many people visit this blog seeking to find special tips to gain employment.  While we often talk about interviewing etiquette and how to find work, we really haven't discussed asking the right questions when being interviewed. Asking questions during an interview shows you're interested in the job. It sets you apart from other candidates who may have conveyed a feeling of the event being just another interview. Asking the right questions may even land you the job- even if you're under or over qualified. What are they right questions to… Read more

2 Ways to be A Better Manager

  CEOs often have held a manager position at one time or another in their career.  I find the difference between being a manager who moves up to executive management and being a manager who stays complacent is the ability to improve and take action (or vice versa). Are you taking action today to improve your managerial skills? There are two ways you can start becoming a better manager today. These actions should be exercised on a daily basis. #1.  Don't solely focus on external customer service. Your job is… Read more

Don't Be A Jerk Employee!

Here at Building Team Solutions we hire all types of employees.  We cater to the construction, industrial and administrative industries. Regardless of what industry you work in, the last thing you want to be known as is a 'jerk employee'. So, how do you avoid being the most dreaded person to work with on staff? Easy. Start off by by joining your fellow employees at social events. If you're quick to leave work and not go to work-related events, you're being a jerk. You are sending a message that you… Read more

Engage People 24/7

As a CEO you are going to have to engage various people and often. While some CEOs are great at leading a company, not all of them are socially capable.  Being a social butterfly and engaging members of the media, potential clients, business partners, merging companies and/or employees is hard- even for people who are comfortable in social situations. I've come up with three fail-safe ways to engage anyone and in any setting. Don't talk with your phone in your hand.   I can't stand it when I am speaking to… Read more

What Employees REALLY Want!

We here at Building Team Solutions connect people with employers daily. We know what the employer wants from the deal. However, it is what the employees want that really make a match- well, a match! So, what is it that employees want? Most importantly is a purpose.  People want to be appreciated and know what they do does make a difference.  Employers tend to forget this when the jobs are not at executive level. Every member of a company is important, otherwise the job wouldn't have been created. So, why… Read more

Employment Expectations & Communication 101

If you are in charge of employees know that your ability to communicate is crucial.  Many people don't exactly know how to communicate with employees, but can communicate with potential customers. Why is this? Well, I've decided to use today's blog to point out the top three ways I feel basic communication between employer and employee can be improved. #1.  Focus your conversations on one issue.  Having a long meeting to discuss multiple topics sends a message that not a single topic is important enough to warrant its own meeting.  … Read more

The Micro-Manager

These days the term 'helicopter mom' is be applied to everything in a variety of ways. I've heard people say 'helicopter manager' or 'helicopter neighbor' and so on. But what does this mean and is it really a bad thing? Basically, helicopter is a nicer (I guess?) way of saying micro-manager. So, we have to examine if being a micro-manager really is a bad thing, especially in the work place.  Micro-managing can actually help some employees. But, you have to use this tool, like any tool, appropriately. Here are some… Read more

Don't Be A Jerk!

Here's a not so funny story. About a year ago I was helping a client hire a few employees.  This client expressed to me that he intentionally acts like a jerk during an interview. I was astonished! I couldn't understand why someone would want to act like a jerk, especially when interviewing someone who could help this client grow his company. I asked the client what it was he did to 'act like a jerk'.  His answers were simple and not that far off from what most people do when… Read more