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Slackers – They’re Not Looking for Work

Here is my Friday story for you. I came across a business owner who was afraid to hire a much needed Guy Friday for his construction office. He was afraid he would pay a slacker, not a go-getter. While not everyone has the same work ethic as go-getters, this doesn’t mean employees in general are slackers. We ended up having a real nice conversation and this business owner was stuck on a story from earlier in the year. He kept sighting the surfer dude in California named Jason used food… Read more

The Instagram Job Search!

There is a new way to find work. While it isn’t so popular right now, I think the method will go viral soon. Instagram job hunts are on the rise. But how can a simple photo help connect someone with the right job? Well, let us consider these facts: 1. 1 billion “Likes” go out per day on Instagram. That’s 1 billion chances for people to connect with one another. 2. Over 130 million people use Instagram more than twice a day. 3. Instagram allows you a custom handle, making… Read more

The Healthy Workday

Ahh, you come to the end of your workday and reflect on all that you have accomplished. Your expense reports are done. You have met with your team to discuss goals and set deadlines. You’ve fired one employee and you’ve hired a new branding team. Your work here is done. So, how’s your health. Did you start the day off with a high-calorie coffee and muffin? Maybe you took a snack from the vending machine and then ate a fast food burger at your desk. Not so accomplished after all,… Read more

How Not To Lose A Job!

I once had an encounter with a highly-skilled person. She was an amazing interview. She was personable, had the qualifications I was looking for, and much more. I didn’t hire her. What was wrong? Well, it was very simple – she assumed she had the job and didn’t possess follow through. I was looking for someone who was both experienced and possessed follow through. I share this story because it is very important for people seeking work to understand and then practice the art of follow through. If you interview… Read more

Lunch At Your Desk? It’s Why You’re Failing.

I tried my best to fit in as many things as possible during the course of one day. I tried this for years. It didn’t work out. This thought brings me to a habit I had, eating lunch at my desk. Not only did I think it impressed others and showed dedication and leadership, I truly felt that I didn’t have enough time to eat lunch in the break room or at a restaurant. I then realized that lunch at my desk, especially as a CEO, was a bad habit… Read more

Are You A Creepy CEO?

I recently read an article on being creepy in general. I’ll admit the headline grabbed me. As I started out to read a funny piece of web chatter, I really started to think about how many CEOs out there shared the same “creepy” qualities in an unintentional way. I decided to jot down three things I see CEOs do on a daily basis that could be construed as creepy. 1. Talk about appearances. Don’t be known as the boss who is always commenting on how people look. While you might… Read more

Pick A Career & Love Your Life

It is never too late to find a job you love. In fact, if you love your work- you will love your life! I find many people get stuck in this “I have to work” routine. And yes, you are going to have to work in life. But you don’t have to be at a job you hate forever. Set goals. Treat your career goals like recipes, performing one step at a time and don’t expect everything to happen all at once. You also need to understand what goes in… Read more

Are You in the ‘Smart’ Habit Zone?

Here’s the thing – I run Building Team Solutions. I do get asked HR questions day in and day out. But I get a lot of general business questions. I can understand the reasoning as I work with many business leaders in dramatically different industries. So, is there a secret to success? This is another question I am asked a lot. While the secret recipe has yet to be debated, there are a few ‘Smart’ habits many great leaders have. For example; being an avid reader seems to be a… Read more

Are You Ordinary or Extraordinary?

You’re applying for a job. So are 30-40 other people. Each person believes there is something on his or her resume that makes them stand out. How can this many people, all applying for the same job, be extraordinary? Well, it is possible but it doesn’t mean it is obvious. Here are a few traits that make job candidates stand out. If you possess these traits, feature them on the very first line of your resume… .even if you have to do this before your name and title line. 1.… Read more

3 Ways To Get Yourself Fired

You might be asking yourself why this post is in the CEO blog. Well, I wanted to place it here because there is a new employment trend happening. What is it? Getting yourself fired. Yes, there are people out there who WANT to get fired so they can go on unemployment. While this demographic of applicants is low, it still is happening. Below are three surefire signs to look for when you think an employee might be trying to get him or herself fired; 1. Excessive sick days. As an… Read more