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All girls team, Beatin the boys at IEC BBQ Cook Off!

We competed in the IEC Central Texas chapter BBQ on October 3, 2015!!! We WON 2nd place brisket & 5th place fajitas!! All girls team!  Beatin the boys! The IEC is Independent Electrical Contractors. The electrical industry is the most technical of all building trades. It requires professional supervision and management to construct electrical projects. The only way to become a professional is through training, education and experience. The mission of IEC is to offer independent electrical contractors quality education programs, industry information and services and by clear communication with… Read more

The Micro-Manager

These days the term 'helicopter mom' is be applied to everything in a variety of ways. I've heard people say 'helicopter manager' or 'helicopter neighbor' and so on. But what does this mean and is it really a bad thing? Basically, helicopter is a nicer (I guess?) way of saying micro-manager. So, we have to examine if being a micro-manager really is a bad thing, especially in the work place.  Micro-managing can actually help some employees. But, you have to use this tool, like any tool, appropriately. Here are some… Read more