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Building Team Solutions May 2016 Newsletter

These are some early morning shots at a job site… well before 7am. Jobsites are peaceful and quiet… but not for long. Another great construction day in Austin Texas.NOTE: due to the sensitive and confidential nature of some placements, NOT ALL positions are listed here. Call our office at 512-258-5336 to speak to one of our Strategic Placement Specialists to confidentially discuss your qualifications and what position you might be best suited for. We value your trust in our firm and we assure you that all resumes (and contact… Read more

Your Company’s Public Image – Employees DO Play A Role.

As a CEO, I am responsible for the public image of my company. It takes years to develop a brand within any industry. With trade professions, reputation is everything. How a business is perceived can make or break a bid. This brings me to my next point. The work environment that you create will affect your company’s public image. A cut-throat culture will have employees fighting with each other  stressed out beyond believe, and not exactly operating with a moral compass leading the way. However, companies who take pride in… Read more