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Policies Can’t Prevent Employee Stupidity on Social Media!

It sounds harsh. Employee stupidity. The truth is that employees can’t navigate every aspect of an employee’s life. And, employees use social media to interact in and outside of the workplace. And these employees often interact with one another using social media outside of the work space. So, what happens when one employee posts something on social media that offends another employee? Is this your responsibility as an employer? It can be. First, no matter what type of internal and external policy your company lawyer draws up, an employee is… Read more

Facebook and Job Seeking

I was asked recently about Facebook posts and job seeking. While many of you know by now that whatever you put online has the potential to be viewed by an employer, there are still some questions as to if someone can refuse to hire you because of a photo taken over ten years ago at your 21st birthday (or an alike scenario). Well, yes and no. While it is illegal to discriminate against someone for race, origin, sexual preference, disability and so on, not liking someone’s moral compass by way… Read more

Obamacare - 3 Easy Ways to Navigate It

Uh oh, it's almost Thanksgiving. Are you ready for the Obamacare deadlines? You should be, one has already passed! If you're like many HR specialist and business owners who are turned around by Obamacare, don't panic. I've come up with three easy tips to help you navigate Obamacare for your company. 1. You can afford to offer healthcare. Don't think you're going to be so heavily taxed that the penalties are a better option. If you have less than 25 full-time employees, you can actually get a tax credit for… Read more

Hiring, Ignore the Obvious

There is a new trend involved with the hiring process. What is it? Ignoring the obvious. Yes, deciding to ignore the obvious things that make a candidate great or a job description complete can help you find a better hire. Here's why; First, job descriptions and titles set limitations on both you as the employer and the employee. Stating someone is the "manager" means that is all they can do... Instead, giving titles like "part of customer team solutions" opens up the ability for your team members to take charge,… Read more

College - It Still Counts

The other day I heard someone say that college was a waste of time in this economy and job market. I couldn't disagree more. While more and more people are obtaining jobs meant for those with a college degree, there is something to be said for the levels of networking and character building brought on through the college experience. No one, and I mean no one, should let their future be dictated by the current challenges of society. Society's needs change, the value of a good education does not. Here's… Read more

More Great Work from Building Team Solutions

Today's blog is more of a photo example of the great work we do placing the right people with the right companies. These three photos (below) were taken at a large limestone quarry plant in central Texas. We recently recruited and placed a Plant Operations Manager at this job site. Yet another successful placement for us! If you need to hire great talent, or you're seeking an amazing company to work for, please call or email us. In fact, you can apply for a job 24/7 right here on this… Read more

Tips for Construction Workers

We here at Building Team Solutions are always hiring for construction jobs. Even when these jobs aren't posted, our clients are always browsing our applicants to find the right candidates. Click here to browse current construction jobs. Once you do obtain work as a construction worker, there are some tips to keep in mind in order to maintain employment. I've listed them below. 1. Listen.  Listening seems to be the biggest reason why workers are fired from construction jobs. It is crucial for you, as a construction worker, to listen… Read more

What I've Learned From Celebrity Apprentice.

As I CEO, I will admit that I'm addicted to Celebrity Apprentice. Every time there is a new season one can find me at home and glued to my TV.  I love watching shows about business and learning about different management styles- especially given the nature of my company. But, how realistic are the methods used in Celebrity Apprentice? Well, about 50/50 in my opinion. Here's what I learned this past season from Celebrity Apprentice; 1. Goals are important. No matter what the task, Donald Trump always defined how the… Read more

The Power of A Construction Degree.

The topic of a construction degree can start quite the heated debate. It seems you're either #TeamDegree or #TeamExperience. While there isn't a right or wrong side of the fence to be on when it comes to this debate, you should be informed as to what the pros and cons of each side are. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2011-2012 Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of construction managers is projected to increase by 17 percent, faster than average for all occupations.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics also states that… Read more