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Seeking Help in Haiti

Building Team Solutions is seeking the perfect person for a non-– profit project in Haiti. The Christian foundation is helping to rebuild Haiti with a state – of – the – art concrete block plant. So, how does this help Haiti? Well, it will bring job opportunities to Haiti and help create a concrete plant. Self-sustainment is the mission. The country is still struggling after the devastation three years ago. However, you don't hear about this any further into days evolving and 24 hour news. We are seeking a mission… Read more

3 Ways to Land a Job Without Experience

If you’re seeking your dream job, but feel you don’t have (or maybe have been told) the right experience, keep reading. While we here at Building Team Solutions help our clients realize what positions are the best matches for their skillset, we are always encouraging growth through career counseling and additional training. In the meantime, here are 3 ways to land a job without experience; 1. Volunteer. Yes, volunteer. If there are no volunteer positions available, or have ever been created, for the job you want- ask. 2. Play leap… Read more

Before You Quit A Job….

It is a scary world out there. So, before you quit your day job to either start your own company or go to work for someone else, make sure you understand these three important principles. Ask yourself why you really want to leave. I hear people say they want a new job because they can’t stand the people they work with a million times a day. Those people don’t pay your bills, you do. And, wherever you are going - there will be people there you don’t like. Is it… Read more

Jan. 2014 Jobs - Why Companies Aren't Hiring

Bloomberg recently reported the amount of jobs available in the U.S. went down in January. Here is the full article: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-02-05/adp-says-companies-in-u-s-add-fewer-workers-than-forecast-1-.html My concern isn’t that jobs are going down as much as it is that employers now have the means to hire and aren’t. Construction is booming. This is a plus. But other industries are failing. I think the reason is that we have learned to live with one person doing two to three jobs for so long now, as a result of the failing company, that hiring more support… Read more

Policies Can’t Prevent Employee Stupidity on Social Media!

It sounds harsh. Employee stupidity. The truth is that employees can’t navigate every aspect of an employee’s life. And, employees use social media to interact in and outside of the workplace. And these employees often interact with one another using social media outside of the work space. So, what happens when one employee posts something on social media that offends another employee? Is this your responsibility as an employer? It can be. First, no matter what type of internal and external policy your company lawyer draws up, an employee is… Read more

The Most Desired Jobs of 2014

Forbes recently published a report of the most in-demand jobs for 2014. Well, as we all know, the most in-demand jobs don't actually mean the most desired jobs. What's the difference? Simple, demand means these jobs are easy to come by and growing by the second. Almost anyone can get them- that's how short the supply of people for these positions is. Desired means the jobs are wanted by many. For example, becoming a nurse was a desired job in the seventies. Everyone knew it paid well and travel could… Read more

Outdated Job Searches

I spent the morning collecting the worst job seeking advice floating around the Internet. Here are my top 5 ways to NOT get a job. #5. Using a land line for a phone interview is a must. This only applies if you live somewhere between a rock and a cave.There are cell phone towers and WiFi everywhere these days. You don't need to track down a land line to conduct a job interview. Rescheduling the interview because you have no land line is a serious no no. #4. You MUST… Read more

The Temp Job 101

Many people today love working temp jobs. It helps build up their resume with experience in an array of different industries and positions. The market for finding a temp job has become highly competitive. The more experienced a temp is, the more likely the staffing agency is to recommend that person. The same goes for being flexible. If you're looking to get your foot in the door with a staffing company know there are a few steps to follow beyond applying and testing in the office. 1. Research the different… Read more

Mobile Marketing & Jobs

I heard someone recently say that using a cell phone to find a job is "outrageous." Well, times are changing. Yes, more and more businesses are starting the recruiting process via cell phone- using mobile marketing as a way to attract savvy go-getters. As the Wall Street Journal reported, mobile ad spending in the first half of 2013 hit an estimated $3 billion, more than double the $1.2 billion in 2012. While not everyone has a plush mobile marketing budget, you should invest in a mobile website. Not only to… Read more

Social Media & Finding Employees

It is my business to find clients the best employees for their business. While I use all types of recruiting and screening tools, social media has helped introduce me to candidates that may have never thought about stepping foot into my office. You see, many candidates are seeking new jobs online without using the term "applying", yes- there is a difference. These are people who want to find a better job but will not say they are looking for a better job out of fear they may lose the income… Read more