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Your Employees ; Your Clients

I was doing some research on salespeople the other day and discovered there isn’t that much difference between selling products and selling a company from either end of the spectrum when it comes to sales people and HR specialists. Selling your company to a potential employee is just like a sales person sells a company’s products or services to clients. This said, the approach on either end of the spectrum should be the same. What do I mean? Well, let’s review; 1. Don’t over talk. You shouldn’t have to convince… Read more

The worst answers to interview questions.

I recently heard someone say there is no wrong answer. Well, that in itself, is indeed a wrong answer! There are some terrible answers out there. No, we shouldn’t simply embrace idiocracy because people are “being themselves.” For example, if you are applying for a job as a cashier and you have served time for armed robbery- while you may have recovered and changed your life- applying for that job isn’t the best idea because the answer you will have to give to certain cash related questions will be the… Read more

Top 3 Most Hated Jobs in America

Ever hear someone state that they “hate” their job. Well, CNBC actually did a survey to see what the most hated jobs in America are. Here are the results; 1. Marketing Manager. People in this position cited “no direction” 98% of the time as far as the reason behind why they hate their jobs. A marketing manager is responsible for overseeing advertising and promotion. This involves developing strategies to meet sales objectives, based on the study of such factors as customer surveys and market behavior. 2. IT (Technical) Support. 87%… Read more

Three HR Trends for 2014

HR is predictable. However, we’ve noticed 3 HR trends that weren’t predictable, yet already started to happen in 2014. Below is the list of these 3 trends and why they are happening so early in 2014. #1. Less Baby Boomers in the workforce. Yes, 2014 is going to be the year of the construction worker and the year of the IT worker. As a result, many people in their late 20’s and early 30’s are crossing over to the IT field with paid internships and competitive training programs being offered… Read more

3 Tips for Finding Work in 2014

It is a New Year. As we wind down the first month of 2014, there have been some changes in how to find work that are noticeable. We here at Building Team Solutions thought it would be a great way to end the week by sharing the top three tips for finding work in 2014. #1. Are you really looking for a job or are you looking for a career? This has to be the first question you ask yourself. If you’re looking for a job in the field of… Read more

5 Simple Tips to Find A New Job

We help people find work each and every day. But what if you're trying to go it alone? We pulled the easiest ways to start making small changes in your job search that will yield big results. #1. Learn from resume and interviewing mistakes you made this year. Don't keep doing the same thing. If your resume hasn't landed you any promising leads for more than two months, it is time to make a change. If you get to the interview, but haven't received an offer- the same rule applies.… Read more

3 Tips to Finding A Better Job!

You're here. You're browsing our jobs. You have a job and you want a better one- but you're unsure about moving forward. Don't be. Life is about growth. Finding a better job means you're growing as a person. But it isn't going to be easier. Finding a better job requires thick skin and a lot of dedication. Here are some tips to help you find a better job in the upcoming week. 1. Write down where you want to be. Don't just seek more money, seek why you want more… Read more

195k New Jobs, Unemployment Numbers Don't Move

Today's hot topic in the news is our US economy numbers and employment.  Reports have 195K new jobs added to the US economy in the month of June, yet the unemployment number of 7.7% hasn't budged.   Job growth "continues to look more than strong enough to keep unemployment trending down ... and probably more than strong enough to lead to Fed tapering starting in September," said Jim O'Sullivan, chief U.S. economist at High Frequency Economics. So, are you worried? We're not. In our profession, we deal with employment and unemployment… Read more

Career Agent or Manager?

Most of the time employees think of their manager as the person who is able to hire, fire and enforce rules. In fact, I've seen employees dodge their managers simply because they associate their title with something bad. Why? Managers can be an worker's best advocate. In fact, managers can be an employee's Career Agent. I say this because employees tend to associate the word manager with something negative. A Career Agent is someone who helps you, right? Right. They can help you answer questions as to what you can… Read more