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Dell Medical School

How awesome is this? WOW, we have skilled workers staffed in this project working with the General Contractor to BUILD this. We are blessed to be part of this great project! What a story to tell their children and grandchildren! GREAT video take a couple minutes to watch!! Building Team Solutions = making history one staffing at a time! Footage provided and taken by: Dell Medical School Construction Site: Drone Flyover Footage, 2015… Read more

The worst answers to interview questions.

I recently heard someone say there is no wrong answer. Well, that in itself, is indeed a wrong answer! There are some terrible answers out there. No, we shouldn’t simply embrace idiocracy because people are “being themselves.” For example, if you are applying for a job as a cashier and you have served time for armed robbery- while you may have recovered and changed your life- applying for that job isn’t the best idea because the answer you will have to give to certain cash related questions will be the… Read more

3 Questions You Should Be Asking Potential Employees

Social media has helped employees connect with employers. And while this is great for employers wanting to gauge character before interviewing an employee, many are missing the mark when it comes to asking the right questions when engaging with a prospect employee on line. Here are Building Team Solutions’ Top 3 Questions Every Employer Needs to Ask a Potential Employee Online! 1. Give me a random bit about yourself. This is a great question because you can tell a lot about someone’s personality by how they use this opportunity. Do… Read more

When You're Not Hired...

I run a staffing company. My clients are seeking the best employees who will also fit in with their company's culture, match their payment ability, and best represent who they are as a brand. As a result, different factors play into who obtains which jobs. The person with the most experience doesn't always get the job. So, how do you handle not landing the job or getting that promotion? Life is full of disappointments. I'm sure if you didn't get job A with us, we will be able to place… Read more

Outdated Job Searches

I spent the morning collecting the worst job seeking advice floating around the Internet. Here are my top 5 ways to NOT get a job. #5. Using a land line for a phone interview is a must. This only applies if you live somewhere between a rock and a cave.There are cell phone towers and WiFi everywhere these days. You don't need to track down a land line to conduct a job interview. Rescheduling the interview because you have no land line is a serious no no. #4. You MUST… Read more

The Instagram Job Search!

There is a new way to find work. While it isn't so popular right now, I think the method will go viral soon. Instagram job hunts are on the rise. But how can a simple photo help connect someone with the right job? Well, let us consider these facts: 1. 1 billion "Likes" go out per day on Instagram. That's 1 billion chances for people to connect with one another. 2. Over 130 million people use Instagram more than twice a day. 3. Instagram allows you a custom handle, making… Read more

Tips for Cold Calling Potential Employers

Everyone hates cold calls. The people make the calls grimace each time they have to dial a number. The people on the receiving end usually aren't much happier. So, what happens when you want to call a company about potential employment? Some companies don't list their jobs online because they're in search of a different type of employee, the risk taker! If you have to make a cold call, don't panic. Here are three ways to overcome the discomfort that goes along with cold calling employers. 1. Be upfront right… Read more

Are You A Creepy CEO?

I recently read an article on being creepy in general. I'll admit the headline grabbed me. As I started out to read a funny piece of web chatter, I really started to think about how many CEOs out there shared the same "creepy" qualities in an unintentional way. I decided to jot down three things I see CEOs do on a daily basis that could be construed as creepy. 1. Talk about appearances. Don't be known as the boss who is always commenting on how people look. While you might… Read more

Pick A Career & Love Your Life

It is never too late to find a job you love. In fact, if you love your work- you will love your life! I find many people get stuck in this "I have to work" routine. And yes, you are going to have to work in life. But you don't have to be at a job you hate forever. Set goals. Treat your career goals like recipes, performing one step at a time and don't expect everything to happen all at once. You also need to understand what goes in… Read more

Mobile Marketing & Jobs

I heard someone recently say that using a cell phone to find a job is "outrageous." Well, times are changing. Yes, more and more businesses are starting the recruiting process via cell phone- using mobile marketing as a way to attract savvy go-getters. As the Wall Street Journal reported, mobile ad spending in the first half of 2013 hit an estimated $3 billion, more than double the $1.2 billion in 2012. While not everyone has a plush mobile marketing budget, you should invest in a mobile website. Not only to… Read more