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Our CEO Went to Prison.... To Help!

Me at the Prison Entrepreneurship Program Graduation this past Saturday.  We all deserve second chances. Our creator gives us that (no matter who you believe the creator to be),  and I choose to invest my time outside of work wisely as a result of this belief. As a small business owner (and more so as a human being), I have had second chances.  Thus,I have a desire and a commitment to our community  to try and give back some of what I have been blessed with. In order to be… Read more

Common Job Scams.

It is hard finding work today. There are great jobs available. However, many more people are competing for the same job today versus five and even ten years ago. This fact is making job scamming a prevalent thing, which isn't helping the employment industry.  We're listing the top three jobs scams circulating today. Make sure you read up on them and then share them with other people seeking employment. It is tough enough finding a job- you don't what to find yourself the victim of scam on top of everything.… Read more

Find A Job Using An Android! The Best Apps.....

  If you're seeking employment, we can help. However, it is still a great idea to be active on the following Android Apps to help enhance your job search. Start with LinkedIn on Android. LinkedIn is the only social network that truly connects employers and recruiters with job applicants. Hiring managers conducting a background search may want to spy your Facebook page, but serious employers will really consider the social worth you’ve amassed on LinkedIn. Consider posting your resume on InDeed.com. This Android app is able to keep real-time tabs… Read more

America's Worst Jobs!

  Staffing employment positions is our business. We help people in Texas find jobs and we help businesses nationwide recruit employees.  In this industry,  I often hear people complain that there are no jobs out there. Well, the job market is improving. My business is proof of this. However, there are some jobs that many people turn down.  Right now there are over 100,000 jobs available in a particular field that don't require a high school education. What's the job? Oil Rig worker. Yes, this field has over 100,000 open… Read more

High-voltage Electrician - The Steps Needed.

As the CEO for a staffing firm I am often asked what jobs are most in demand.  Right now High-voltage electricians are needed across the country. This answer is usually followed by "What type of training is needed?" I'm going to share the basic training qualifications required to work as a High-voltage Electrician. Note, these are the basics. You can always contact me for further insight or resources. And, I should state that the qualifications differ from state-to-state. #1. Most states require a high school diploma. College certification is options… Read more