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What Top Quality to Seek Out When Hiring!

Everyone will make their resume look great. So, how do you get by the paper sell and actually know when you’re hiring a great employee? Seeking out amazing skills is harder than you think. We help our clients find the perfect employees because it is our company’s main priority. It is what we here at Building Team Solutions do. But what if you want to learn this skill yourself? How do you seek out great qualities when hiring someone and what is the best quality to look for in a… Read more

The Benefits of Remote Jobs

A recent article cited how government employees, while not happy with their jobs, are in love with the idea of remote working. In fact, they are considering staying with their employers longer because of the option to work from a remote location. Here is the full article: As an employer or employee would you consider working remotely? For me, this decision depends on the company, type of company and then learning and engagement levels of the employee. The answer is not yes or no or black or white. This is… Read more

Are You Ordinary or Extraordinary?

You’re applying for a job. So are 30-40 other people. Each person believes there is something on his or her resume that makes them stand out. How can this many people, all applying for the same job, be extraordinary? Well, it is possible but it doesn’t mean it is obvious. Here are a few traits that make job candidates stand out. If you possess these traits, feature them on the very first line of your resume… .even if you have to do this before your name and title line. 1.… Read more

Recruitment Advertising 101

  As the CEO of Building Team Solutions, I am often asked about recruitment advertising.  Does it work? How much should I spend? What are some mistakes to avoid?  Yes, recruitment advertising does work but it can backfire.  Here is what you need to know;Maintaining your ads.  Don’t set a run on a position for 10 weeks straight.  Chances are you will find an employee within the first two weeks.  Old ads can equate to annoying phone calls, upset walk-ins, etc.  Make sure to always update and change your… Read more

RECRUITERS: Impact Candidates Positively

As the founder and owner of a boutique style recruiting and consulting firm (See my blog about BOUTIQUE STAFFING  here), I found it a bit disheartening to read this article from The Recruiter about recent ugly exchanges between a couple of recruiters and job seekers.  Unfortunately, in these exchanges recruiters spoke in an unprofessional, arrogant tone, suggesting that candidates should be more appreciative of their assistance, and regard their opinion highly. We can’t be sure if inexperience, pent-up animosity because of their own career or life choices, simply a bad… Read more

Recuiting, Boutique-Style

There’s something about the “boutique” style that I’ve always loved. When it comes to travel, whether for business or pleasure, I’ve always gone out of my way to find small, local, and boutique-style hotels to stay in instead of large chain hotels. I have to admit that I definitely don’t mind five-star amenities-everyone deserves to be treated like a King or Queen for a day ones in a while. While this can be fun from time to time, overall I’d much prefer the personalization and charm of a boutique-style hotel.… Read more

So, What Do You Do Here, Anyways?

In today’s challenging job market, there are more people than ever turning to recruiters and staffing agencies to help them start paving the road to a rewarding career. And as the companies strive to return to their pre-recession state and reach their goals, many are on the hunt for qualified, exemplary candidates who will help them move forward. Sometimes, it seems that job seekers and companies alike can be a little confused about what exactly we’re here to do.  The Recruiter recently posted an article providing helpful tips for how… Read more