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Dell Medical School

How awesome is this? WOW, we have skilled workers staffed in this project working with the General Contractor to BUILD this. We are blessed to be part of this great project! What a story to tell their children and grandchildren! GREAT video take a couple minutes to watch!! Building Team Solutions = making history one staffing at a time!Footage provided and taken by: Dell Medical School Construction Site: Drone Flyover Footage, 2015… Read more

Building a Remote Workforce

Yes, we can help you find and hire remote talent. The trouble with remote talent is sustainability. Are you able to keep remote talent engaged in what your company has to offer? When hiring, you want to consider employees who have worked independently before. This rule will outweigh experience. People who are able to work independently without much instruction will be a perfect match for a remote workforce employee. If you have to train someone to work independently, the habit is not embedded and it can cause sustainability issues. Be… Read more

3 Common Resume Mistakes

You’re ready to find a new job. You’re busy writing and then rewriting your resume. You’re pumped. You’re excited…… You find yourself frustrated because your resume isn’t getting a lot of action. If this is you – keep reading! There are a few common mistakes people make when heading back into the workforce or when trying to find alternative employment. What are these mistakes? First, too much personal information. Some people think writing about how many kids they have will guilt employers into hiring them over another candidate. This type… Read more

The Temp Job 101

Many people today love working temp jobs. It helps build up their resume with experience in an array of different industries and positions. The market for finding a temp job has become highly competitive. The more experienced a temp is, the more likely the staffing agency is to recommend that person. The same goes for being flexible. If you’re looking to get your foot in the door with a staffing company know there are a few steps to follow beyond applying and testing in the office. 1. Research the different… Read more

More Great Work from Building Team Solutions

Today’s blog is more of a photo example of the great work we do placing the right people with the right companies. These three photos (below) were taken at a large limestone quarry plant in central Texas. We recently recruited and placed a Plant Operations Manager at this job site. Yet another successful placement for us! If you need to hire great talent, or you’re seeking an amazing company to work for, please call or email us. In fact, you can apply for a job 24/7 right here on this… Read more

Personality Tests to Vet Candidates…Is It Legal?

It is no secret applicants tend to exaggerate (even outright lie) on resumes and application. As a result, personality testing has become a big part of today’s second-step employment screening process. Companies find a qualified applicant who does well on an interview, but then the applicant fails the personality test. Companies consider the personality test as a useful tool to weed out liars and those who might not fit within the company culture. But did you know how you conduct this type of testing can be illegal? It’s true. You… Read more

Firing Employees

While no one ever likes having to fire an employee, it does happen- and for various reasons.  There are a lot of steps required to fire an employee legally and ethically.  Termination has to be executed to protect a company from different types of lawsuits and public embarrassment. A terminated employee can be rightfully fired but this doesn’t prevent him or her from sometimes going to the media to cry foul. How you fire an employee sends a powerful message to your remaining staff.  If the employee decides to contents… Read more

How to Ask For A Promotion…. And Get One!

So, the time has come to ask for a promotion. But, you’re scared. The economy isn’t at its best, people are still unemployed, and you’re really not the best at demanding payment for services that are producing. Well, don’t fear- Building Team Solutions is here!If you’re seeking employment but are not sure how to ask then follow these tips. Step One.  Be positive but present your case.  You don’t want to be aggressive when asking an employer for money. No one is owed a raise.  When presenting your case… Read more

195k New Jobs, Unemployment Numbers Don’t Move

Today’s hot topic in the news is our US economy numbers and employment.  Reports have 195K new jobs added to the US economy in the month of June, yet the unemployment number of 7.7% hasn’t budged.   Job growth “continues to look more than strong enough to keep unemployment trending down … and probably more than strong enough to lead to Fed tapering starting in September,” said Jim O’Sullivan, chief U.S. economist at High Frequency Economics. So, are you worried? We’re not. In our profession, we deal with employment and unemployment… Read more

Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person.

My company, Building Team Solutions, works with employers to help them find the right employee. But, what if you need to hire someone like now? You can’t wait to set-up with us (which we can usually accomplish within the same day,) or you just want to make a decision on hiring someone internally, and you have questions on which candidate to hire and which one to pass on. Here are some tips on how to avoid hiring the wrong candidate. #1. Job seekers are taught to break down your job… Read more