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Dell Medical School

How awesome is this? WOW, we have skilled workers staffed in this project working with the General Contractor to BUILD this. We are blessed to be part of this great project! What a story to tell their children and grandchildren! GREAT video take a couple minutes to watch!! Building Team Solutions = making history one staffing at a time!Footage provided and taken by: Dell Medical School Construction Site: Drone Flyover Footage, 2015… Read more

Are You Prepared for These Questions?

There are certain questions every employer is going to ask you about. Regardless of the type of work, your skill level or the type of position, these questions are essential to help employers get a better understanding of not only who you are but where you came from and why you left. If you’re seeking employment right now then please continue reading. You should practice your answers to these questions to appear confident in your answers. Plus, if you find yourself stuck answering a question- you can address the issue… Read more

What Top Quality to Seek Out When Hiring!

Everyone will make their resume look great. So, how do you get by the paper sell and actually know when you’re hiring a great employee? Seeking out amazing skills is harder than you think. We help our clients find the perfect employees because it is our company’s main priority. It is what we here at Building Team Solutions do. But what if you want to learn this skill yourself? How do you seek out great qualities when hiring someone and what is the best quality to look for in a… Read more

Hiring, Ignore the Obvious

There is a new trend involved with the hiring process. What is it? Ignoring the obvious. Yes, deciding to ignore the obvious things that make a candidate great or a job description complete can help you find a better hire. Here’s why; First, job descriptions and titles set limitations on both you as the employer and the employee. Stating someone is the “manager” means that is all they can do… Instead, giving titles like “part of customer team solutions” opens up the ability for your team members to take charge,… Read more

Tips for Cold Calling Potential Employers

Everyone hates cold calls. The people make the calls grimace each time they have to dial a number. The people on the receiving end usually aren’t much happier. So, what happens when you want to call a company about potential employment? Some companies don’t list their jobs online because they’re in search of a different type of employee, the risk taker! If you have to make a cold call, don’t panic. Here are three ways to overcome the discomfort that goes along with cold calling employers. 1. Be upfront right… Read more

Construction Jobs Are In!

The Associated Press released a report today noting how the construction industry is improving day by day. In fact, numbers are at an all time high since 2008. So what does it all mean? Well, we here at Building Team Solutions are able to connect more companies with employees and provide more people with jobs. How fantastic is this?! Anyway, an average of  7,000 new construction jobs have been added in each state since January of this year. If you’re looking to obtain a job in the construction field, please… Read more

The Danger of Doing Everything Yourself.

I knew a lady who wouldn’t delegate work. She was afraid someone was going to “steal” her ideas or go to work for another company and share trade secrets. Besides having NDAs in place, she just couldn’t delegate her work, which is why her business is no longer a business. Delegating work and trusting others is a part of operating a business. Sure, not every employee or client is going to have the best intentions or work half as hard as you do. That’s a part of the game. Regardless,… Read more

Time Management

Ahh, it’s Friday. And you’re swamped. If you’re like me, Friday doesn’t mean you are at the end of your week and can wind down. In fact, most busy people tend to work their latest day on Fridays. Well, the truth be told…. I’m not working that late tonight. I’ve developed a few time management tricks that are working. I may be swamped but I know the work will be done on time and well before the weekend arrives. If you want to manage your time better, follow these tips;… Read more