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Are You Prepared for These Questions?

There are certain questions every employer is going to ask you about. Regardless of the type of work, your skill level or the type of position, these questions are essential to help employers get a better understanding of not only who you are but where you came from and why you left. If you’re seeking employment right now then please continue reading. You should practice your answers to these questions to appear confident in your answers. Plus, if you find yourself stuck answering a question- you can address the issue… Read more

The Healthy Workday

Ahh, you come to the end of your workday and reflect on all that you have accomplished. Your expense reports are done. You have met with your team to discuss goals and set deadlines. You've fired one employee and you've hired a new branding team. Your work here is done. So, how's your health. Did you start the day off with a high-calorie coffee and muffin? Maybe you took a snack from the vending machine and then ate a fast food burger at your desk. Not so accomplished after all,… Read more

Lunch At Your Desk? It's Why You're Failing.

I tried my best to fit in as many things as possible during the course of one day. I tried this for years. It didn't work out. This thought brings me to a habit I had, eating lunch at my desk. Not only did I think it impressed others and showed dedication and leadership, I truly felt that I didn't have enough time to eat lunch in the break room or at a restaurant. I then realized that lunch at my desk, especially as a CEO, was a bad habit… Read more

Asking the Right Questions

Many people visit this blog seeking to find special tips to gain employment.  While we often talk about interviewing etiquette and how to find work, we really haven't discussed asking the right questions when being interviewed. Asking questions during an interview shows you're interested in the job. It sets you apart from other candidates who may have conveyed a feeling of the event being just another interview. Asking the right questions may even land you the job- even if you're under or over qualified. What are they right questions to… Read more

The Employment Gap ; How To Handle It.

The economy these last past years hasn't been the best. That's obvious. Explaining employment gaps, however, can't be singled out in two simple words, "the economy." You really do have to explain gaps in employment. Relying on "the economy" answer  isn't going to cut it anymore when it comes to finding a job. The best way to handle a gap in employment is with honesty. You should also address the issue asap. A cover letter with any application or resume is the perfect way to notate what happened to cause… Read more