I knew a lady who wouldn’t delegate work. She was afraid someone was going to “steal” her ideas or go to work for another company and share trade secrets. Besides having NDAs in place, she just couldn’t delegate her work, which is why her business is no longer a business.

Delegating work and trusting others is a part of operating a business. Sure, not every employee or client is going to have the best intentions or work half as hard as you do. That’s a part of the game. Regardless, you need to have a support staff should something happen to you and in order to just plain grow as a company.

Think about your favorite charity. They don’t rely just on their Corporate Fundraiser to bring in dollars and donations. In fact, you probably receive emails, letters and phone calls ask for help. Do you get where I am going with this? Delegation is ok. Asking for help is ok. One person can’t wear all the hats all of the time. So, trust your employees and rely on them a bit. It will help your company grow and you won’t be as stressed.

Doing everything yourself is dangerous. You can become burnt out, make mistakes, not see business angles that could open opportunities (or worse, lead to legal issues), and so on.

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