temp wanted

Many people today love working temp jobs. It helps build up their resume with experience in an array of different industries and positions. The market for finding a temp job has become highly competitive. The more experienced a temp is, the more likely the staffing agency is to recommend that person. The same goes for being flexible.

If you’re looking to get your foot in the door with a staffing company know there are a few steps to follow beyond applying and testing in the office.

1. Research the different staffing agencies. Are you looking to work in the construction field? Find an agency that hosts most of its job openings in the field you are seeking to work in. Some staffing firms only work with people with executive experience, other firms work with construction and industry employees and clients. Know what your options are and then go in to apply and test.

2. Be prepared for an interview and dress appropriately. Your interview with the staffing company’s case manager will depend if you get sent out for temp job interviews. Remember, you represent the staffing company and they will not send you out if you show up for an interview ill-prepared.

3. Show that you’re willing to work. Don’t just go to the staffing agency, interview and wait for a phone call. Be involved. If they suggest extra training, do it. If they suggest further education- sign up for it. Call in daily, too. Show you are interested in working and that you’re flexible. This will help get you more interviews for temp jobs.

Being a temp can be a wonderful thing. Still have questions? Call us. We are happy to meet with you and discuss the options Building Team Solutions can offer to you on a nationwide level!