Building Team Solutions

We here at Building Team Solutions are always hiring for construction jobs. Even when these jobs aren't posted, our clients are always browsing our applicants to find the right candidates. Click here to browse current construction jobs.

Once you do obtain work as a construction worker, there are some tips to keep in mind in order to maintain employment. I've listed them below.

1. Listen.  Listening seems to be the biggest reason why workers are fired from construction jobs. It is crucial for you, as a construction worker, to listen and absorb crucial information. The reason? Not only to ensure the job is executed correctly, but for your personal safety.

2.  Have your own tools.  While some companies do provide their own tools, many others do not.  Always have your own set of proper tools, appropriate clothing, and water available.  Don't assume your employer will provide you with anything, unless it is noted in the interview.

3. Take on the "crappy" tasks.  As a newbie, you may be asked to do what most construction professionals deem as "crap tasks." Do these tasks quickly, accurately and without complaining.  You have to earn respect and promotions. Remember, you're part of a construction team and not every task is going to be a favored one. 

Again, we are always hiring qualified construction workers. And we don't just have jobs in Texas.  Please apply online (24/7) and follow up with us weekly.

Britanie Olvera, CEO