It happens. You're prepared for a big interview and then your tossed a curve ball. Before you know it, a question you were not prepared for is asked and you are stopped in your tracks. How do you handle this situation?

First, let me say before you panic remember to remain positive. You don't want to ever say anything negative about anyone else, a customer or your past employer.

One curve ball question that is being asked a lot in today's interviewing culture is this; "tell me about the worst boss you ever had." So, how are you suppose to remain positive in this scenario? Easy! Keep your answer in the tone of a learning experience. Don't focus on anything else except for what you learned. Employers are looking at your answer for growth and the ability to be a team player and take orders. Don't go into details about why he or she was your worst boss. Instead, focus on what you learned from the experience.

Another curve ball question deals with paychecks. Many employers are asking candidates if they are willing to take a pay cut. So, how do you answer? Maybe you really, really need the job so the answer is yes! Or, maybe it is a trick question to see if you are willing to compromise your values for any money offer. Well, this question is always a bit of a trick so you do have to do a little dancing when answering.

The best answer for this curve ball question is to throw one right back at the employer. You can suggest that you are willing to take a pay cut as long as the topic is up for renegotiation within six months- once you have proven your value.

My company is here to help you handle all these curve ball questions and find the best job for you. Give me a call today and let's talk!

Britanie Olvera, Owner