If you need to staff multiple offices, satellite locations or temporary facilities, Building Team Solutions can recruit and hire traveling crews based on your specific business requirements.  This kind of crew is very common in the industrial construction market, oil and gas, pipefitting and drilling fields; travelers are often highly sought after because of their skill set and mobility. Traveling crews can be made up of hourly skilled workers, supervisors or management level staff, and their placement can be a drain on company resources because of an increased need to negotiate and organize logistics, housing, per diems and travel expense. Our experience in staffing and recruiting traveling crews leaves us well-versed in their use, and we are uniquely qualified to create a tailor-made staffing plan to suit your company’s particular needs.

Building Team Solutions is committed to customer service and proudly offers each of our clients a supportive and positive recruiting and staffing experience. While our home offices are located in Austin and Central Texas, we can help you round out your team with the best, most accomplished traveling crew candidates in your industry, regardless of office or satellite facility location. Whatever your staffing or placement needs might be, we are here to help you meet them.