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“If your company is seeking an employment recruiter who is passionate and dedicated to ‘finding the right fit,’ I highly recommend Building Team Solutions, Inc. to assist you. Having had the opportunity to work with Britanie Olvera during iFLY’s worldwide expansion, no one is more talented, driven, and enthusiastic than Britanie in finding the right individuals.

With BTS at our side, we secured the most educated, experienced, and awesome employees. I am pleased to write this recommendation for Britanie and Building Team Solutions, Inc.: Accountable, High Integrity, and Genuine! You too should entrust your company with BTS!”

With my Best Regards and Appreciation,

~ Darla Miller, PMP, SMC, CLA

Keith Moore“Britanie your team is easy to work with and extremely helpful and aggressive in filling any position I am after. I find your team easier to talk to and deal with on a daily basis. We have had good success teaming up for projects and hope to continue to do so.”

~ Keith Moore
Electrical Division Manager
Fox Service Company

“I would like to express my appreciation for how much of a pleasure it is working with the staff at Building Team Solutions. Mandy, Lisa and Britanie are amazing individuals. Your hard work and thoroughness with your employees is above and beyond my expectations and I hope you realize how great ALL of you truly are!

All the individual that has been placed with Anchor-Ventana Glass has been a pleasure to work with and diligent with their work, that is exactly the kind of employees we are looking for to grow our staff.”

~ Lonna
HR Manager

“Working with Building Team Solutions in the last couple years has literally been the solution to building up our team when our labor force is insufficient for the task at hand! Not only has their staffing services saved me in a crunch, they found and permanently placed one of my very best employees with me. I couldn’t be more thankful for this amazing group of women to help me out when I need it the most!”

~ Sandra Johnson
Edge Electric, Inc.

“Building Team Solutions has been great to work with, they were able to provide us with quality labor in a very competitive market. We were even able to find some permanent positions for some of the employees within our organization. We had a unique challenge with our billing departments but BTS went above and beyond to help make their invoices mesh with our accounting system.

It’s been a pleasure working with Mandy and the whole BTS family.”

~ Danielle Dlugosh

“Building Team Solutions are our go-to guys for skilled electricians. When we need them most, we can always count on their team to find the person with the qualifications we need, and know that they will get them to us as quickly as possible.

This is a group that truly cares about the needs of their clients. They know the industry and are able to find experienced and licensed professionals who can step into the role that we need filled. They always follow up to be sure the employee is working our successfully, and are on hand to handle any situation that may arise.

We consider Brit and Mandy as well as the entire staff part of our team and are confident in recommending their services to other contractors.”

~ Sanford Electrical Services, LLC

“Warden has enjoyed our working relationship with BTS, Mandy and her team have provided us with quality workers. The skilled labor force that we have requested has been fulfilled and the personnel have shown eagerness to work and have been on time. Accounting is easy to work with too.”

~ Sherri
Project Manager
Warden Construction Corporation

“Lesser firms might toss 1-2 candidates our way to see if they stick, then move on when we don’t take them.

Your team has remained very focused on really trying to narrow down on what kind of candidate we’re looking for. I have a much higher level of confidence in the candidates your bring to the table, and frankly the screening process has gone faster as well.

As a manager, no matter how well staffed an internal HR department becomes, you go where the best candidates are. Understanding our needs and bringing the right candidates keeps us coming back.”

~ Owners Rep for International Franchise/ Wind Tunnel Developers

“It’s always been a pleasure working with you and Britanie. As always BTS is professional and on the spot to meet your needs no matter when! Mandy and Britanie always follow up to see how their people are working out for the job at hand. It’s always a pleasure working with these Ladies.

Thank you.”

~ Thomas Galindo
Piping Field Supervisor
TEAM Services

“Thank you so much for lunch today and the conversation “half heard”. We truly appreciate the dedication and follow up provided by Building Team Solutions. At Edison, your guys personally built our pool deck, helped us get past multiple inspections, and truly have shown so much effort to get this job across the finish line at all costs. We can’t thank your team enough. Thank you for the wonderful portfolio embroidered with my name! I’ll be able to bring it job to job and record the next activities your team can help on! The Edison team will continue to help after my departure and the guys finishing, you will be left with, are more incredible at what they do than many, if not all people in the industry. We will be talking soon I’m sure. Thanks again for the great gift and lunch.


Jordan Leaming | Superintendent
Cadence McShane Construction Company

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