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I run a staffing company. My clients are seeking the best employees who will also fit in with their company’s culture, match their payment ability, and best represent who they are as a brand. As a result, different factors play into who obtains which jobs. The person with the most experience doesn’t always get the job. So, how do you handle not landing the job or getting that promotion?

Life is full of disappointments. I’m sure if you didn’t get job A with us, we will be able to place you in a job that is more suited for you and with a company that appreciates you and your talents. In the meantime, dealing with disappointment can be hard.

If you recently were passed up for a job or a promotion, try performing the following actions to help easy the disappointment. These tricks do work and help you move onward and upward.

I tell my clients to start with a pitty party. Yes, it is OK to feel disappointed- as long as you don’t do it for long and hold a grudge as a result. Take a day to accept what didn’t happen and just relax. Let this be YOUR day where you don’t think of work at all. Focus on something that makes you happy and will lift your spirits.

Next, I tell my clients to solicit feedback so you can move on in a more successful direction. Ask why you were not selected and what you can improve upon. If you’re making a mistake during an interview, it is best to find this out now so you don’t continue to lose employment opportunities.

Finally, plan for your next move. The disappointment should be followed by inspiration. What other jobs are available? What positions should you pursue? Become excited about moving forward and know there is a reason for everything in life. Something better is waiting for you down the line, you just have to go after it.

I know how challenging finding not only a job- but the right job can be. Don’t give up hope and don’t let these disappointments sour your attitude.

If you need additional assistance finding work, please call me. We’re actively hiring and always looking for outstanding talent in a variety of fields.

Britanie Olvera,
CEO of Building Team Solutions