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Spreading a Little Positive Energy

In today’s business community, many experts embrace, those who spread good “karma” are more likely to succeed in the long run. But what exactly is karma? Good or bad — is part of the belief system of millions of people around the world. In the simplest terms, karma results from a person’s actions. Many professionals believe performing an act of goodness will bring good karma, while behaving badly will boomerang at some time in the future. Could your career karma use a positive boost? Here are a few suggestions to… Read more

Building Team Solutions May 2016 Newsletter

These are some early morning shots at a job site… well before 7am. Jobsites are peaceful and quiet… but not for long. Another great construction day in Austin Texas.NOTE: due to the sensitive and confidential nature of some placements, NOT ALL positions are listed here. Call our office at 512-258-5336 to speak to one of our Strategic Placement Specialists to confidentially discuss your qualifications and what position you might be best suited for. We value your trust in our firm and we assure you that all resumes (and contact… Read more

BTS April Newsletter

 What Separates Us – we don’t just fill openings, WE BUILD TEAMS! We connect people to a wide range of construction jobs related to the planning, development, procurement, and execution of both public and private sector projects. We partner with each candidate and client to find the placement that’s right for them.Watch Our VideoYour Online Personal BrandFirst impressions matter. Before you ever sit down for the first interview, chances are that your potential employer already has an idea of what you’re about. With 80 percent of… Read more

How to Be a Leader – Even When It’s Not In Your Job Description

One of the best things you can do to improve your chances of advancement within a company is to start acting the part of a leader, even if you’re not officially the leader. But don’t think that it’s just a matter of “fake it ’till you make it.” There are concrete, well-defined behaviors you can display that prove you’re leadership material, even if you’re still relatively new to the office. When it comes time for upper management to bring someone new into the ranks of the company’s brass, they’re going… Read more

Salary Negotiation Tactics

If you find yourself feeling queasy at the thought of negotiating your salary, you aren’t alone. Research from reveals that around one-fifth of candidates don’t counter the first number on the table after they receive a job offer. In fact, a poll by the Society of Human Resource Management found that nearly 80 percent of those surveyed expressed that they didn’t like to discuss money or negotiate employment terms. Female candidates are even more affected by this apprehension. 2.5 times more women than men feel a great deal of… Read more

BTS February 2016 Newsletter

 Building Team Solutions is making history one staffing at a time! How awesome is this? WOW, we have skilled workers staffed on this project working with the General Contractor to BUILD this. We are blessed to be part of this great project! What a story to tell their children and grandchildren! GREAT video take a couple minutes to watch!Watch This Video NOW HIRING – VIEW ALL JOBSView Our Job Board New Website Launched Building Team Solutions is in the business of people. We bring a fresh perspective… Read more

Strategies to Retain Your Best Employees in 2016

Employers take note! A new Career Builder survey found that 21 percent of employees plan to leave their jobs in 2016. That figure represents a five percent increase from January 2015. Among younger workers, those between the ages of 18 and 34, the increase is even more dramatic. Three out of 10 of employees in that age group plan to leave their jobs this year, up from 23 percent last year. If you think it’s no big deal, think again. Studies show that employee turnover can cost companies as much… Read more

Dell Medical School

How awesome is this? WOW, we have skilled workers staffed in this project working with the General Contractor to BUILD this. We are blessed to be part of this great project! What a story to tell their children and grandchildren! GREAT video take a couple minutes to watch!! Building Team Solutions = making history one staffing at a time!Footage provided and taken by: Dell Medical School Construction Site: Drone Flyover Footage, 2015… Read more

Career Mentor

Have you considered finding a mentor to give your career a boost? Thought about sharing your skills and knowledge with an up-and-coming star in your field? Here are some helpful tips for finding — or being — a great mentor. 1. It’s all about relationships There’s a fine line between “bold” and “awkward.” Walking up to a stranger you’ve admired from afar and asking them to be your mentor is almost as off-putting as asking someone to marry you on the first date. If you’d like to ask someone to… Read more

Multigenerational Workplace

For the first time in history, the labor force now includes members of five generations. What older generations can teach younger generations in the workplace: 1. Wisdom Much has been written about the value of mentoring in the workplace. When older employees share their experiences, younger coworkers gain valuable insights to help them in their careers. In “The Intern,” Ben Whittaker becomes the go-to guy for advice from fellow interns as well as high-level employees on everything from professionalism, efficiency, dress code, employee relations and marketing. “Older employees have been… Read more